Collaborative Process Sample Clauses

Collaborative Process. The parties intend that development of the Wireless Products will be a collaborative effort between Fox and Licensee, such that Fox shall have a reasonable opportunity to provide input into the primary aspects of each Wireless Product through the review and approval procedure described above, including, but not limited to, the look and feel of the Wireless Products, art direction, as well as the use of the Property (and all elements therefrom) in the Wireless Products and in the advertising, promotion and marketing thereof in accordance with this Agreement. Licensee understands and agrees that approval of any two-dimensional artwork does not constitute approval of the implementation of the artwork in the Wireless Products.
Collaborative Process. It is common practice for participation agreements to describe the structure of meetings that will be utilized in the collaborative process. Joint face-to-face meetings are commonly provided for, but participation agreements sometimes include alternative venues, such as conference calls or video conferencing, in appropriate circumstances. The participation agreement might describe the interest-based negotiation process by which goals and issues are identified, facts are gathered, options are developed and analyzed, and agreements are negotiated. Also included might be negotiation principles, such as agreements to negotiate in good faith, to take reasonable positions, to be willing to compromise, to refrain from using threats of litigation, and the like.
Collaborative Process. [Might need further revisions based on decision to use or not use a separate construction administration agreement]
Collaborative Process. With regard to Platinum's approval rights, Platinum (which, as stated above, shall include any third party who has approval rights over the use of the Property) shall have input into all creative aspects of the Title. The development of the Title shall be a collaborative effort between Platinum and Licensee, such that Platinum shall have input and approval over all aspects of the Title, including, but not limited to, the look and feel of the Title, art direction, as well as the use of all elements of the Property in the Title and in the advertising, promotion and marketing thereof in accordance with this Agreement. Licensee understands and agrees that approval of any two-dimensional and static artwork does not constitute approval of the implementation of the artwork in the Title in three dimensional form and that Platinum has approval of the animated artwork and the specifications set forth in the Design Document as implemented in the Title and as set forth herein. Licensee also understands, agrees and acknowledges that Platinum has approval over the advertising, promotion and marketing of the Title, subject to the terms set forth herein.
Collaborative Process 

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  • Collaboration Each Party shall provide to the enforcing Party reasonable assistance in such enforcement, at such enforcing Party’s request and expense, including to be named in such action if required by Applicable Laws to pursue such action. The enforcing Party shall keep the other Party regularly informed of the status and progress of such enforcement efforts, shall reasonably consider the other Party’s comments on any such efforts, including determination of litigation strategy and filing of material papers to the competent court. The non-enforcing Party shall be entitled to separate representation in such matter by counsel of its own choice and at its own expense, but such Party shall at all times cooperate fully with the enforcing Party.

  • Development and Commercialization Subject to Sections 4.6 and 4.7, Fibrocell shall be solely responsible for the development and Commercialization of Fibrocell Products and Improved Products. Fibrocell shall be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the Fibroblast Program except that Intrexon shall be responsible for the following: (a) costs of establishing manufacturing capabilities and facilities in connection with Intrexon’s manufacturing obligation under Section 4.6 (provided, however, that Intrexon may include an allocable portion of such costs, through depreciation and amortization, when calculating the Fully Loaded Cost of manufacturing a Fibrocell Product, to the extent such allocation, depreciation, and amortization is permitted by US GAAP, it being recognized that the majority of non-facilities scale-up costs cannot be capitalized and amortized under US GAAP); (b) costs of basic research with respect to the Intrexon Channel Technology and Intrexon Materials (i.e., platform improvements) but, for clarity, excluding research described in Section 4.7 or research requested by the JSC for the development of a Fibrocell Product or an Improved Product (which research costs shall be reimbursed by Fibrocell); (c) [*****]; and (d) costs of filing, prosecution and maintenance of Intrexon Patents. The costs encompassed within subsection (a) above shall include the scale-up of Intrexon Materials and related active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical trials and Commercialization of Fibrocell Products undertaken pursuant to Section 4.6, which shall be at Intrexon’s cost whether it elects to conduct such efforts internally or through Third Party contractors retained by either Intrexon or Fibrocell (with Intrexon’s consent).

  • Commercialization Intrexon shall have the right to develop and Commercialize the Reverted Products itself or with one or more Third Parties, and shall have the right, without obligation to Fibrocell, to take any such actions in connection with such activities as Intrexon (or its designee), at its discretion, deems appropriate.

  • Development Activities The Development activities referred to in item “b” of paragraph 3.1 include: studies and projects of implementation of the Production facilities; drilling and completion of the Producing and injection xxxxx; and installation of equipment and vessels for extraction, collection, Treatment, storage, and transfer of Oil and Gas. The installation referred to in item “c” includes, but is not limited to, offshore platforms, pipelines, Oil and Gas Treatment plants, equipment and facilities for measurement of the inspected Production, wellhead equipment, production pipes, flow lines, tanks, and other facilities exclusively intended for extraction, as well as oil and gas pipelines for Production Outflow and their respective compressor and pumping stations.

  • Manufacturing Technology Transfer In addition to the Licensed Know-How provided to Company pursuant to the Technology Transfer, upon Company’s written request, Asana will promptly prepare and submit to the JSC, for its review and approval, a plan for the transfer to Company of all Know-How Controlled by Asana with respect to the manufacture of Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products, and the conduct by Asana of such consultation activities, as are necessary to enable Company or a Third Party contract manufacturing organization to manufacture for the Territory (i) Licensed Compounds or (ii) Licensed Products (such plan, the “Manufacturing Technology Transfer Plan” and such actions, the “Manufacturing Technology Transfer”). Following the review and approval by the JSC of the Manufacturing Technology Transfer Plan, Asana will perform (or cause one or more applicable Third Parties (including, as applicable, any CMO engaged by Asana to manufacture Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products) to perform) a single Manufacturing Technology Transfer in accordance with such Manufacturing Technology Transfer Plan to Company or a Third Party CMO at Asana’s expense. Asana will make employees or agents of Asana available to Company for up to twenty (20) hours, in the aggregate, at no additional cost to Company, to facilitate the Manufacturing Technology Transfer. Asana will initiate the Manufacturing Technology Transfer promptly following the approval by the JSC of the Manufacturing Technology Transfer Plan. After completion of the Manufacturing Technology Transfer to a facility, use of such facility to manufacture Licensed Compounds or Licensed Products shall be subject to successful completion of any necessary inspections required by applicable Regulatory Authorities (collectively, the “Qualifying Audits”). All Licensed Compounds and Licensed Products manufactured by or on behalf of Company or its CMO shall be manufactured in compliance with all Applicable Laws and applicable specifications therefor.

  • Research Project 2.1 The respective work of University and Company under the Research Project is described in Schedule A. Each Party intends to contribute, each in its area of expertise, to the Research Project, and shall use its reasonable efforts to perform its work under the Research Project in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Development Program A. Development activities to be undertaken (Please break activities into subunits with the date of completion of major milestones)

  • Research Program 2.1 University will use reasonable efforts to conduct the Research Program described in Attachment A which is hereby incorporated in full by reference (“Research Program”), and will furnish the facilities necessary to carry out said Research Program. The Research Program will be under the direction of _____________________ (“Principal Investigator”), or his or her successor as mutually agreed to by the Parties and will be con­ducted by the Principal Investigator at the University.

  • Research Plan The Parties recognize that the Research Plan describes the collaborative research and development activities they will undertake and that interim research goals set forth in the Research Plan are good faith guidelines. Should events occur that require modification of these goals, then by mutual agreement the Parties can modify them through an amendment, according to Paragraph 13.6.