Executive Team definition

Executive Team means certain senior executives, including members of management covered by Rule 16(b) under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, designated by the Committee as the key executive management of the Company, CVI and CSI.
Executive Team means the executive leadership of the Department of Athletics, as determined by the Director of Athletics.
Executive Team means the group of Executive Officers of the Company referred to internally as the Executive Team.

Examples of Executive Team in a sentence

  • During the evaluation process, the State Bar may require a bidder’s representative to answer questions with regard to the proposal and/or require certain bidders to make a formal presentation to the evaluation team and/or the State Bar Senior Executive Team.

  • The role of the nomination committee is to assist the Board in monitoring and reviewing any matters of significance affecting the composition of the Board and the team of executives as appointed by the Company, being the Executive Team.

  • As part of this review the committee will oversee an annual performance evaluation of the senior Executive Team.

  • Specific limits on the authority delegated to the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director and the team of executives as appointed by the Company ( Executive Team) must be set out in the delegated authorities approved by the Board.

  • Parents should note that an agreement in principle is not the same as an offer of a place in the desired year group - it is simply an indication that the STEP Executive Team will accept an application for admission of the child to the desired year group.

More Definitions of Executive Team

Executive Team means Xxxx X. XxXxxxxxx, Xx., Xxxx X. XxXxxxxxx III, Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Xxxxx X. Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx X. Xxxx and Xxxxxx X. X'Xxxxx.
Executive Team means the CEO, the CFO and all direct reports of the CEO including legal;
Executive Team means Board Members, CEO, President, Executive Vice President, and General Counsel of Respondent, and all employees of Respondent in a senior management position with decision-making authority over Respondent’s business operations.
Executive Team means the senior executives who have significant operating and/or strategic responsibilities for the Company as designated by the CEO.
Executive Team means the LTA Group’s chief operating officer, people director, participation director, performance director and digital and events director, as well as the Chief Executive and the Finance Director.
Executive Team means the Executive Team as defined in Rule 6.2.
Executive Team means the executives responsible for the governance of the Company who are designated as Executive Team members in the Committee’s sole discretion.