Public lands definition

Public lands means land under the jurisdiction of the commission that is owned by the state or that has been dedicated for public access to a meandered sovereign lake or meandered sovereign river.
Public lands means land owned by state, county or local governments.
Public lands. ’ means (A) all lands under the cus- tody and control of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture, except Indian lands, (B) lands under the custody and control of the Tennessee Valley Authority that are situated in western Ken- tucky and Tennessee and are designated as ‘‘Land Be- tween the Lakes,’’ and (C) lands under the custody and control of the Secretary of Defense;

Examples of Public lands in a sentence

Ken Hefty moved and Mick Klein Kennedy seconded a motion to direct the Clerk to apply for a loan from the Commissioners of Public Lands and to include estimated litigation costs.

In accordance with the Public Lands Act, Benga is requesting two Licences of Occupation, one for the western portion of the rail loop and another for the eastern portion of the rail loop and adjacent access road (Figure 2‐1).

In accordance with the Public Lands Act, Benga is requesting an MSL for the portions of the conveyor/powerline/access road right‐of‐way that are located adjacent to the proposed construction camp on a small area of crown land (Figure 2‐1).

The Project is situated on both crown and freehold land; therefore, an application in accordance with the Public Lands Act is also required in order to obtain approval to carry out activities on crown land.

The following report includes the information required on the applicable Public Lands Act forms including:  Application for Surface Disposition; Environmental Field Report (EFR) Cover Document for all Dispositions 2.0; EFR Sites and Installations 3.0 Completion of Supplement A; EFR Access 4.0 Supplement B; and EFR Easement 6.0 Supplement D.

More Definitions of Public lands

Public lands means lands owned by the City, and shall include but not be limited to the Boulevard, any Highway, lane, alley, square, place, viaduct or trestle, water, way or bridge, park, woodland, greenbelt, storm water management facility, open space, municipal golf course or cemetery, and all parts thereof, including any surface, grassed area, boulevard, ditch, curb, gutter and sidewalk, but does not include property owned by the Regional, Provincial, Federal Government, a Crown Corporation, Hydro, Utility or Railway Company;
Public lands means any lands or in- terest in lands owned by the United States and administered by the Sec- retary of the Interior through the Bu- reau of Land Management, except lands located on the Outer Continental Shelf and lands held for the benefit of Indians, Aleuts and Eskimos.
Public lands means all those lands defined as public lands by N.M.I. Const. art. XI, § 1 including improvements thereon.
Public lands means lands within the exterior boundaries of this state except:
Public lands. ’ means such lands and in- terest in lands owned by the United States as are subject to private appropriation and dis- posal under public land laws. It shall not in- clude ‘‘reservations’’, as hereinafter defined;
Public lands means lands belonging to or held in trust by the state, which are not devoted to or reserved for a particular use by law, and include state lands, tidelands, shorelands and harbor areas as herein defined, and the beds of navigable waters belonging to the state (RCW 79.02.010).