Client Confidentiality Sample Clauses

Client Confidentiality. Any information about clients of the Employer which is learned by an employee during the course of employment must, as a condition of continued employment, be treated as strictly confidential and each employee is expected to respect this confidentiality and to take all reasonable precautions to safeguard it.
Client Confidentiality. The Contractor assures compliance with DRS requirements pertaining to the protection, use, and release of personal information. The Contractor will hold confidential all personal information regarding individuals, including lists of names, addresses, photographs, records of evaluation, and all other records of the DRS client. This information may not be disclosed, directly or indirectly, unless consent is obtained in writing or as otherwise required by law.
Client Confidentiality. Contractor shall maintain the confidentiality of all client information in accordance with Contract provisions and any applicable federal and state statutes and regulations, including but not limited to Public Laws 91-616 and 92-255, the Drug Abuse Office and Treatment Act of 1972, 21 U.S.C. 1175; the Comprehensive Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970, 42 U.S.C. 4582; the Privacy Act of 1974, Pub. L. 93-579, 5 U.S.C. 552a; 45 C.F.R. Parts 160 and 164 (HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules), 42 C.F.R., Part 2, and in accordance with the protocol set forth with EAP. In the event Contractor receives a release, subpoena, court order, or other request or legal demand for disclosure of the EAP client record, whether written or oral, Contractor is required to complete documentation prior to releasing the record. Contractor shall notify EAP within one (1) business day of the receipt of any release, subpoenas, court orders, or other request or legal demand and prior to the disclosure of any record. If Contractor becomes aware of a conflict of interest between two or more EAP clients for whom it is providing EAP services, it shall maintain confidentiality of all information received from or regarding such EAP clients and shall, to the extent necessary, refer one or more of the clients to EAP for referral to another EAP Provider.
Client Confidentiality. The Agency shall comply with all state and federal requirements regarding the confidentiality of client records. Client information is not disclosable to the public. Information acquired pursuant to RCW 71A.14.070 or RCW 34.05 require a signed Release of Information or a signed Oath of Confidentiality form.
Client Confidentiality. You can be assured that we will keep all of your personal information private and confidential, even when you are no longer a client, except where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent, in accordance with these terms of business or where the terms of the Client Fee Agreement apply.
Client Confidentiality. The member hereby undertakes to maintain, the details of the client as mentioned in the client registration form or any other information pertaining to the client, in confidence and that he shall not disclose the same to any person / entity except as required under the law Provided however, that the member may share the details of the client as mentioned in the client registration form or any other information pertaining to the client with parties/entities other than required under law with the express permission of the client
Client Confidentiality. The Vendor acknowledges that the Services to be performed by the Vendor pursuant to this MOA may require or allow access to data, materials, and information containing Social Security numbers or other personal information or other records. In addition to the covenant made above in this section and pursuant to 10 IAC 5-3-1(4), the Vendor agrees to comply with the provisions of IC 4-1-10 and IC 4-1-11 regarding the release of Social Security number provisions and the notice of security breach.
Client Confidentiality. The FSP acknowledges that in the course of rendering services to the Client in terms of this authority, it shall come into possession of information of a confidential nature. The FSP undertakes that all information provided by the Client will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to third parties with the written consent of the Client, with the following exceptions:
Client Confidentiality. The parties agree that where any information, which is required by law or by any regulatory authority to be disclosed, is disclosed by Sponsor to the Stock Exchanges or the UKLA or the Irish Takeover Panel in relation to the Group or the Rights Issue such disclosure shall not be a breach of client confidentiality. Sponsor hereby undertakes that, where it is required by law or any regulatory body to disclose any information in relation to the Group or the Rights Issue to any statutory or regulatory authority, it will immediately after making the required disclosure provide the Company with details of the information disclosed.
Client Confidentiality. 1. The Agency agrees to provide a copy of HMISPrivacy Notice (or an equivalent Agency-specific alternative) to each consumer. The Agency will provide a verbal explanation of the HMIS and arrange for a qualified interpreter/translator or other reasonable accommodation in the event that an individual is not literate in English or has difficulty understanding the Privacy Notice or associated Consent Form(s).