Strictly Confidential Sample Clauses

Strictly Confidential. 8.4 The proceeds from exercise of the Pledge by Pledgee shall be used to pay for tax and expenses incurred as result of disposing the Equity Interest and to perform Contract Obligations and pay the Secured Indebtedness to the Pledgee prior and in preference to any other payment. After the payment of the aforementioned amounts, the remaining balance shall be returned to Pledgor or any other person who have rights to such balance under applicable laws or be deposited to the local notary public office where Pledgor resides, with all expense incurred being borne by Pledgor. To the extent permitted under applicable PRC laws, Pledgor shall unconditionally donate the aforementioned proceeds to Pledgee or any other person designated by Pledgee.
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Strictly Confidential. To perform the provisions of the Transaction Documents (as defined below), the Parties have mutually agreed to execute this Agreement upon the following terms.
Strictly Confidential. 10.4 In the event of change of the Pledgee due to assignment, the Pledgor and/or Party C shall, at the request of the Pledgee, execute a new pledge agreement with the new pledgee on the same terms and conditions as this Agreement, and register the same with the competent AIC.
Strictly Confidential. 6.4 The Pledgor hereby undertakes to comply with and perform all guarantees, promises, agreements, representations and conditions under this Agreement. In the event of failure or partial performance of its guarantees, promises, agreements, representations and conditions, the Pledgor shall indemnify the Pledgee for all losses resulting therefrom.
Strictly Confidential. 8.2 If such Party claiming Force Majeure fails to notify the other Party and furnish it with proof pursuant to the above provision, such Party shall not be excused from the non-performance of its obligations hereunder. The Party so affected by the event of Force Majeure shall use reasonable efforts to minimize the consequences of such Force Majeure and to promptly resume performance hereunder whenever the causes of such excuse are cured. Should the Party so affected by the event of Force Majeure fail to resume performance hereunder when the causes of such excuse are cured, such Party shall be liable to the other Party.
Strictly Confidential. 6.2 In the event of any dispute with respect to the construction and performance of this Agreement, the Parties shall first resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations. In the event the Parties fail to reach an agreement on the dispute after either Party’s request to the other Party for resolution of the dispute through negotiations, either Party may submit the relevant dispute to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration, in accordance with its arbitration rules. The arbitration shall be conducted in Beijing. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on both Parties.
Strictly Confidential. 9.2 For the purpose of notices, the addresses of the Parties are as follows: Party A: Xxxxxx Technologies Inc. Address: Suite 3709, 18 Xxx Xxxx Road of North Third Ring, Haidian District, Beijing Attn: Xxx Xxxxxxx Phone: 00-00 0000-0000 Facsimile: 00-00 0000-0000 Party B: Shanghai Xxxxxx Software Technology Co., Ltd. Address: 00xx Xxxxx, Xxxx X Xxxxxxxx, 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx Attn: Xxx Xxxxxxx Phone: 00-00 0000-0000 Facsimile: 00-00 0000-0000
Strictly Confidential. 2.2.9 Party B shall promptly donate any profit, interest, dividend or proceeds of liquidation to Party A or any other person designated by Party A to the extent permitted under the applicable PRC laws; and
Strictly Confidential. 3.2 The Parties acknowledge that the existence and the terms of this Agreement and any oral or written information exchanged between the Parties in connection with the preparation and performance of this Agreement are regarded as confidential information. Each Party shall maintain confidentiality of all such confidential information, and without obtaining the written consent of the other Party, it shall not disclose any relevant confidential information to any third party, except for the information that: (a) is or will be in the public domain (other than through the receiving Party’s unauthorized disclosure); (b) is under the obligation to be disclosed pursuant to the applicable laws or regulations, rules of any stock exchange, or orders of the court or other government authorities; or (c) is required to be disclosed by any Party to its shareholders, directors, employees, legal counsels or financial advisors regarding the transaction contemplated hereunder, provided that such shareholders, directors, employees, legal counsels or financial advisors shall be bound by the confidentiality obligations similar to those set forth in this Section. Disclosure of any confidential information by the shareholders, director, employees of or agencies engaged by any Party shall be deemed disclosure of such confidential information by such Party and such Party shall be held liable for breach of this Agreement.
Strictly Confidential. 14.3 Upon the occurrence of any disputes arising from the interpretation and performance of this Agreement or during the pending arbitration of any dispute, except for the matters under dispute, the Parties to this Agreement shall continue to exercise their respective rights under this Agreement and perform their respective obligations under this Agreement.