Legal guardian definition

Legal guardian means a person recognized by a court of law as having the duty of taking care of the person and managing the property and rights of an individual that is placed with such person by judgment, decree or other order of any court of competent jurisdiction.
Legal guardian means the person, as stipulated in the Application Form, who is either (a) the parent or legal guardian of a Learner; or (b) the person who has legal custody of a Learner; or (c) the person that undertakes to perform the duties of a person who is referred to in (a) and (b);
Legal guardian means the person or persons who is legally the guardian of the Student in their home country and has the legal right to make decisions about their care, education and well-being. It can include parents, where they have the right to make decisions for the Student. Offer of Place means a Confirmed Offer of Place and does not include any provisional offer.

Examples of Legal guardian in a sentence

  • However, this restriction of Rs. 50,000/- will not be applicable for payment made by a Guardian whose name is registered in the records of Mutual Fund in that folio (i.e. father, mother or court appointed Legal Guardian).

  • Legal Guardian means the person or persons who is legally the guardian of the Student in their home country and has the legal right to make decisions about their care, education and well-being.

  • Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian Date Signature of Designated Guardian Date STUART LAKE FISHING DERBYU.S. Forest ServiceCatahoula Ranger District 5325 La. Highway 8Bentley, LA 71407RULES AND REGULATIONSThe following rules and regulations apply to youth fishing derby events sponsored by the U.S. Forest Service at all locations.

  • Legal Guardian: I am under age 24 and my court-appointed legal guardian provides more than half of my financial support and/or claims me as a dependent for tax purposes.

  • Ms. Mr. Natural Guardian (Father or Mother) Legal Guardian+ (court appointed guardian) Guardian’s relationship with Minor applicant *If sole/first applicant is a Minor, date of birth is mandatory.

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Legal guardian means, for purposes of adoption proceedings under chapter 26.33 RCW, the department, an agency, or a person, other than a parent or stepparent, appointed by the court to promote the child's general welfare, with the authority and duty to make decisions affecting the child's development. RCW 26.33.020
Legal guardian means an adult who is responsible for a minor:
Legal guardian means a court-appointed guardian of a dependent person, who was appointed guardian at least twelve (12) months immediately prior to the dependent person's date of matriculation and for purposes other than establishing the dependent person's residence.
Legal guardian means the parent or other person who has legal decision-making authority for the child.
Legal guardian means a person/agency, appointed by a court, who is authorized to make some or all decisions for a person determined by the court to be incapacitated. In the absence of court intervention, parents remain the legal guardians for their child until the child reaches the age of eighteen.
Legal guardian means a person who is the court-appointed legal guardian of the child pursuant to Minnesota Statutes § 260C.325, subds. 1 and 3, or Minnesota Statutes Chapter 525 or an equivalent law in another jurisdiction.
Legal guardian means a person lawfully invested with the power, and charged with the obligation, of taking care of and managing the property and rights of a recipient who, because of age, understanding, or self-control, is considered incapable of administering the recipient’s own affairs.