Proprietary Information; Confidentiality Sample Clauses

Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. Purchaser acknowledges that the Property Documents are proprietary and confidential and will be delivered to Purchaser solely to assist Purchaser in determining the feasibility of purchasing the Property. Purchaser shall not use the Property Documents for any purpose other than as set forth in the preceding sentence. Purchaser shall not disclose the contents to any person other than to those persons who are responsible for determining the feasibility of Purchaser's acquisition of the Property and who have agreed to preserve the confidentiality of such information as required hereby, including, without limitation, Purchaser's attorneys, accountants, agents, consultants, lenders, partners, shareholders or as otherwise may be required by law or court order (collectively, "Permitted Outside Parties"). At any time and from time to time, within two (2) business days after Seller's request, Purchaser shall deliver to Seller a list of all parties to whom Purchaser has provided any Property Documents or any information taken from the Property Documents. Purchaser shall not divulge the contents of the Property Documents and other information except in strict accordance with the confidentiality standards set forth in this Section 4.8. In permitting Purchaser to review the Property Documents or any other information, Seller has not waived any privilege or claim of confidentiality with respect thereto, and no third party benefits or relationships of any kind, either express or implied, have been offered, intended or created.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. 24.01 During the course of performance under this Agreement, a Party (the “Owner”) or its Representative may make available to the other Party (the “Recipient”) or its Representative certain materials such as manuals, contract owner lists, data files and the data contained therein, systems, forms, methods, processes, and procedures and other information or data (collectivelyProprietary Information”) which are proprietary or trade secret in nature. Information known in the public domain, or which is or was publicly disclosed to Recipient by any Party not under a duty to retain such information as confidential, shall not constitute Proprietary Information.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. All drawings, models, documents, confidential records, software and other information supplied by Seller are supplied on the express understanding that all copyright and design rights are reserved to Seller and that Buyer will not, without the written consent of Seller, either give away, loan, exhibit, or sell such drawings, models, documents, confidential records, computer software or other information or extracts therefrom or copies thereof or use them in any way except in connection with the Goods in respect of which they are issued. Buyer shall consider all information furnished by Seller, which was not previously publicly disclosed by Seller, to be confidential and shall not copy nor disclose any such information to any other person, nor use any such information for commercial purposes, nor make copies of such information without written permission from Seller. Buyer shall not disclose any information relating to any order without Seller’s written permission. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, no commercial, financial or technical information disclosed in any manner or at any time by Buyer to Seller shall be deemed secret or confidential and Buyer shall have no rights against Seller with respect thereto.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. PROMOTER acknowledges that (i) this Agreement, (ii) any technical, business or financial information or documents used, provided or disclosed by NASCAR or any NASCAR Rights Affiliate in connection therewith or pursuant thereto, (iii) customer lists of any kind or nature used, provided or disclosed by NASCAR or any NASCAR Rights Affiliate, (iv) the manner in which NASCAR or any NASCAR Rights Affiliate engages in the exploitation of Live Broadcast Rights or Ancillary Rights, (v) the manner in which NASCAR conducts and controls the Competition, (vi) the manner in which NASCAR promotes the Event, the series of which the Event is a part, and the sport of stock car racing in general, and (vii) the manner in which NASCAR forms, promotes and maintains relationships with sponsors, Competitors, Officials, other promoters, fans and other third parties involved in the Event (collectively “NASCAR Proprietary Information”), constitutes information that is proprietary to NASCAR and/or the NASCAR Rights Affiliate(s) and may not be used by PROMOTER except in connection with the performance of PROMOTER’s duties under this Agreement. Except for that purpose, PROMOTER shall at all times and forever maintain NASCAR Proprietary Information in a confidential manner and shall not disclose it or use it on behalf of itself or any third party unless it is in the public domain as a result of an act or omission caused by a person or entity other than PROMOTER. PROMOTER acknowledges that any unauthorized use or disclosure of NASCAR Proprietary Information that is in violation of this Section 36, or other violation or threatened violation of this Section 36, could cause irreparable damage to NASCAR and/or the NASCAR Rights Affiliate(s) and, therefore, that NASCAR and or the NASCAR Rights Affiliate(s) shall be entitled to an injunction prohibiting PROMOTER or any related party from engaging in such violation and to attorney’s fees and costs for having to bring any action to enforce this Section 36.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. Vendor shall consider all data, documentation, drawings, specifications software and other information furnished by FHI360 to be confidential and proprietary and shall not disclose any such information to any other person, or use such information itself for any purpose other than that for which it was intended in completing this order, unless Vendor obtains written permission from FHI360 to do so. Vendor agrees to execute FHI360’s standard Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. The Trust acknowledges that the databases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, and documentation manuals maintained by CFS on databases under the control and ownership of CFS or a third party constitute copyrighted, trade secret, or other proprietary information (collectively, "Proprietary Information") of substantial value to CFS or the third party. The Trust agrees to treat all Proprietary Information as proprietary to CFS and further agrees that it shall not divulge any Proprietary Information to any person or organization except as may be provided under this Agreement. CFS agrees on behalf of itself and its employees to treat confidentially all records and other information relative to the Trust and its shareholders received by CFS in connection with this Agreement, including any non-public personal information as defined by Regulation S-P, and that it shall not use or disclose any such information except for the purpose of carrying out the terms of this Agreement; provided, however, that CFS may disclose such information as required by law or in connection with any requested disclosure to a regulatory authority with appropriate jurisdiction after prior notification to, and approval of the Trust. Upon termination of this Agreement, each party shall return to the other party all copies of confidential or Proprietary Information received from such other party hereunder, other than materials or information required to be retained by such party under applicable laws or regulations. Each party hereby agrees to dispose of any "consumer report information," as such term is defined in Regulation S-P.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. Supplier shall keep confidential any technical, process or economic information derived from drawings, specifications and prototype articles, and other data furnished by Company or Supplier learns during the performance of its services and shall not divulge, export, or use, directly or indirectly, such information for the benefit of any other party without obtaining Company's prior written consent. Except as required for the efficient performance of this Order, Supplier shall not use such information or make copies or permit copies to be made of such drawings specifications, or other data without the prior written consent of Company. Upon completion or termination of this Order, Supplier shall promptly return to Company all materials and any copies thereof; such request may be made at any time during or after completion of Supplier's performance. The obligations under this clause shall survive the cancellation, termination or completion of this Order. Supplier shall not advertise or publish the fact that Company has contracted for services from Supplier without prior written permission from Company. Any inventions, processes or other patentable or marketable idea or product developed as a result of Supplier's performance of the services hereunder shall become the exclusive property of Company, and Supplier shall deliver all data, drawings and other documents associated with such development to Company upon completion of the services.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. In addition to any other non-disclosure obligations set forth in a separate confidentiality agreement between the Parties (if any), Seller shall consider all information furnished by Buyer to be confidential and shall not disclose any such information to any third party, or use such information itself for any purpose other than performing obligations under this Agreement, unless Seller obtains Buyer’s prior written consent. Buyer shall at all times have title to all drawings, specifications, deliverables, writings or other documents prepared or furnished to Seller under this Agreement. Seller shall not advertise or publish the fact that Xxxxx has contracted to purchase Goods from Seller, nor shall any information relating to any Agreement be disclosed without Buyer’s prior written consent. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, no information disclosed in any manner or at any time by Seller to Buyer shall be deemed confidential or proprietary and Seller shall have no rights against Buyer with respect thereto. This Section 2 shall survive the termination or expiration of the Agreement.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. You agree and acknowledge your ongoing covenants under the Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement you executed in connection with your employment. You agree that you will not discuss your employment by the Company or circumstances of your departure with any non-governmental entity or person (other than information that is publicly available in connection with the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission) unless (i) required to do so by a court of law, by any governmental agency having supervisory authority over the business of the Company or by any administrative or legislative body (including a committee thereof) with jurisdiction to order you to divulge, disclose or make accessible such Confidential Information; provided that you shall give prompt written notice to the Company of such requirement, disclose no more information than is so required, and reasonably cooperate with any attempts by the Company to obtain a protective order or similar treatment and (ii) to your spouse, attorney and/or personal tax and financial advisors as reasonably necessary or appropriate to assist in your tax, financial and other personal planning (each an “Exempt Person”), provided, however, that any disclosure or use of Confidential Information by an Exempt Person shall be deemed to be a breach of this Section 6 by you. In the event this Section 6 is breached by you at any time, then the Company shall have the right to terminate this Agreement and the parties agree that in such event no payments shall be paid to you under this Agreement including but not limited to Section 2 or 3.
Proprietary Information; Confidentiality. Purchaser agrees that it is bound by the Confidentiality Agreement as if it were a party thereto, and the Confidentiality Agreement remains in full force and effect. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in the Confidentiality Agreement, (a) each party acknowledges that the other party shall be allowed to disclose the existence of this Agreement and the contents thereof in order to comply with certain disclosure requirements relating to public companies and their affiliates and (b) provided Purchaser has delivered the Due Diligence Waiver Notice pursuant to Section 4.3.1 hereof, Purchaser shall be allowed to disclose the existence of this Agreement, and deliver the Property Information and Updated Property Information, to third parties in connection with such third parties’ potential acquisition from Purchaser of one or more of the Properties or interests therein after the Closing Date so long as such third parties have agreed in writing to be bound by the terms of the Confidentiality Agreement prior to Purchaser’s disclosure of the existence of this Agreement, and delivery of the Property Information and Updated Property Information, to such third parties. The parties shall coordinate, in advance, with respect to any such public filings and/or press releases. After the Closing there shall be no restriction as between Purchaser and Seller on Purchaser’s disclosure of Property Information or Updated Property Information.