Stock dividends definition

Stock dividends means new stock issued, for surplus or profits capitalized, to shareholders in proportion to their previous holdings.
Stock dividends means new stock issued, for surplus or profits capitalized, to shareholders in

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  • Unless otherwise stated in the applicable Award Agreement, during the Period of Restriction, the Participant shall have the right to receive, with respect to the Participant’s Restricted Stock, dividends declared by the Company on its Common Stock and the Participant agrees to comply with Section20 hereof.

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Stock dividends. Stock Dividends are paid on the Payable Date. Stock Dividends (10% or less) do not usually have a late Ex-Date. Spin-Off : Spin-Offs are paid on the Ex-Date.
Stock dividends means new stock issued, for surplus or profits capitalized, to
Stock dividends for purposes of the above the calculation means the aggregate shares of Common Stock issued to Company shareholders from a regularly quarterly dividend declared by the Company that is payable to the shareholders in both Common Stock and cash.
Stock dividends in the form of Common Stock ("Dividend Shares") at an annual rate 7.5% from and after the Issue Date (as defined in Section 6(c)(ii)) as long as the shares of Series D Preferred Stock remain outstanding. Dividends shall be computed on the basis of the Preferred Amount Per Share (as defined in Section 11), and shall accrue quarterly, on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31 in each year or, if not a Business Day (as defined in Section 11), on the next Business Day (each such date being referred to herein as a "Quarterly Dividend Accrual Date"), commencing on the first Quarterly Dividend Accrual Date following the Issue Date.
Stock dividends means dividends paid out in kind by way of issuing by the Issuer to the Holders of additional Common Shares; Subscription Agreement means the subscription agreement entered into between the Issuer, Vereniging AEGON and the State of the Netherlands on 1 December 2008; TARGET means the Trans-European Automated Real-time Gross Settlement Express Transfer payment system which utilises a single shared platform and which was launched on 19 November 2007; and TARGET Day means any day on which TARGET is open for the settlement of payments in euro. 426 SCHEDULE 2 FORM OF DEED OF ISSUE AND PLACEMENT OF NON-VOTING CONVERTIBLE CAPITAL SECURITIES AEGON N.V. (the Issuer) (incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Netherlands and having its corporate seat in The Hague) 750,000,000 Non-Voting Convertible Capital Securities of the Issuer in aggregate principal amount of EUR 3,000,000,000
Stock dividends. (other than dividends payable in Capital Stock other than Disqualified Stock),

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  • Dividend means any dividend (whether interim or final) resolved to be paid on Shares pursuant to the Articles.

  • Ex-Dividend Date means the first date on which shares of the Common Stock trade on the applicable exchange or in the applicable market, regular way, without the right to receive the issuance, dividend or distribution in question, from the Company or, if applicable, from the seller of Common Stock on such exchange or market (in the form of due bills or otherwise) as determined by such exchange or market.