Joint Ventures Sample Clauses

Joint Ventures. The joint venture or partnership arrangements (other than with the Operating Partnership) in which the Company or any of its subsidiaries is a co-venturer or general partner which are established to acquire Real Properties.
Joint Ventures. The formation of joint ventures to provide MBEs and WBEs with capacity and experience at the prime contracting level, and thereby meet Contract Specific Goals (in whole or in part) is encouraged. A joint venture may consist of any combination of MBEs, WBEs, and non-certified firms as long as one member is an MBE or WBE.
Joint Ventures. All of the joint ventures in which the Company or any subsidiary owns any interest (the “Joint Ventures”) are listed on Schedule V hereto. The Company’s or subsidiary’s ownership interest in such Joint Venture is set forth in Schedule V.
Joint Ventures. If Contractor is an association, partnership or other joint business venture, required insurance shall be provided by one of the following methods: – Separate insurance policies issued for each individual entity, with each entity included as a “Named Insured” (covered party), or at minimum named as an “Additional Insured” on the other’s policies. Coverage shall be at least as broad as in the ISO Forms named above. – Joint insurance program with the association, partnership or other joint business venture included as a “Named Insured”. 7.
Joint Ventures. (a) Except as permitted under paragraph (b) below, no Obligor shall (and the Parent shall ensure that no member of the Group will):
Joint Ventures. The Company shall not, and shall not suffer or permit any Subsidiary to enter into any Joint Venture, other than in the ordinary course of business.
Joint Ventures. Borrower will not invest directly or indirectly in any joint venture for any purpose without the prior written notice to, and the prior written consent of, Lender, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.