Binding Arbitration definition

Binding Arbitration means a dispute resolution process that meets all of the following conditions:
Binding Arbitration means the hearing and determination of a case in controversy by a person (Arbitrator) chosen by National and Chapter, with the resulting decision by the Arbitrator being a final resolution of the controversy.
Binding Arbitration has the meaning set forth in Section 9.8(a).

Examples of Binding Arbitration in a sentence

  • If a dispute arises concerning the provisions of this Agreement or the performance of any of the parties mentioned, the parties hereby agree to settle the dispute by equally paying for one of the following: (choose one) ☐ - Binding Arbitration as regulated under the laws in the State where the Services are being performed.

  • Notice of Final Revision to Guidance for the Use of Binding Arbitration Under the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996, 77 Fed.

More Definitions of Binding Arbitration

Binding Arbitration means an alternative dispute resolution leading to a conclusive award which creates the law of the matter in controversy without preservation of pre‑appellate motions, pursuant to the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, or rights of appeal, pursuant to the South Carolina Appellate Court Rules, except under the limited circumstances set forth in Section 20‑9‑220.
Binding Arbitration means a process in which par- ties in conflict submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial third party appointed by the campus mediator with the consent of both parties.
Binding Arbitration means arbitration to establish a License Agreement that follows the procedures in Paragraph IV.B.2. of the Order and complies with the following:
Binding Arbitration means binding arbitration in New York, New York under the rules of the JAMS in which the prevailing party in any such arbitration will be entitled to such party’s reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.
Binding Arbitration. As the exclusive means of resolving through adversarial dispute resolution any disputes arising out of this Agreement, either party may demand that any such dispute be resolved by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and each party hereby consents to any such disputes being so resolved. Judgment on the award rendered in any such arbitration may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.
Binding Arbitration means an ADR proceeding in which the award is final and enforceable as any other judgment in a civil action unless vacated or modified by a court pursuant to statute, and in which the award is not subject to a demand for a trial de novo.
Binding Arbitration means the final and binding arbitration in the event of Dispute as specified under Section 17.