Builder’s Risk Sample Clauses

Builder’s Risk. The Owner shall provide and maintain, during the progress of the work and until the execution of the certificate of Contract Completion, a Builder's Risk Insurance policy to cover all on-site work in the course of construction including false work, temporary buildings and structures and materials used in the construction process. The amount of coverage is based upon the total completed value of the project (including the value of permanent fixtures and decorations.) Such insurance shall be on a special cause of loss form and may include such other coverage extension as the Owner deem appropriate. Unless otherwise provided for through agreement, the contractor experiencing any loss claimed under the Builder’s Risk policy shall be responsible for up to $10,000 of that loss. Contractor may provide its own builder’s risk or installation insurance coverage for amounts up to the $10,000 deductible. Contractor is responsible for insuring their property in transit, in temporary storage away from the site as well as their own tools, equipment and any employee tools. Incidents related to pollution and contamination are specifically excluded from the Builders Risk Insurance policy. To be eligible to make a claim under the Owner’s Builders Risk Insurance policy, Contractor shall be responsible to secure all materials and or equipment stored on the project site in a secured fenced area. INSURANCE POLICY REQUIREMENTS Each policy of insurance required to be purchased and maintained by the Contractor shall name the Tulalip Tribes of Washington, Consolidated Borough of Quil Ceda Village and its members as primary and non-contributory additional insureds using the ISO general liability form CG 2010 11/85 edition or equivalent to include products and completed operations for all Contractor’s and subcontractor’s work. Each policy and respective Certificate of Insurance shall expressly provide a provision wherein no less than thirty (30) days or ten (10) days in the event of cancellation for non-payment prior written notice shall be given to the Owner and Construction Manager in the event of cancellation, non-renewal, expiration or material alteration of the coverage contained in such policy or evidenced by such Certificate of Insurance. At least five (5) days prior to commencement of the Work or any portion thereof, and prior to the performance of any services hereunder, Contractor shall, for the purposes of protecting the Owner against any claims, damages or expenses as a co...
Builder’s Risk. The Developer shall provide insurance covering interests of the City, the Developer, and sub-contractor(s) in the work. Builders Risk insurance shall be on a all-risk policy form and shall insure against the perils of fire and extended coverage and physical loss or damage including flood and earthquake, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, collapse, temporary buildings and debris removal. This Builders Risk insurance covering the work will have a deductible of at least $5,000 for each occurrence, which will be the responsibility of the Developer. Higher deductibles for flood and earthquake perils may be accepted by the City upon written request by the Developer and written acceptance by the City. Any increased deductibles accepted by the City will remain the responsibility of the Developer. The Builders Risk insurance shall be maintained until final acceptance of the work by the City. All sub-contractors shall be covered under the general Developer’s builder’s risk policy or shall provide proof or their own Builders Risk Policy. Builders Risk insurance shall be written in the amount of the completed value of the project with no coinsurance provisions. All subcontractors shall be covered under the general Developer’s Builder’s Risk policy or shall provide proof of their own Builders Risk Policy.
Builder’s Risk. 10.3.1 Owner will purchase and maintain Builder’s Risk property insurance written on an “all-risk” or “special form” basis with Design-Builder and Specialty Trade Contractors of every tier included as named insureds. Such Builder’s Risk insurance shall be in the amount of the Contract Price, plus Washington State Sales Tax, including all Change Orders for the Work on a replacement cost basis excluding earthquake and flood coverage until Substantial Completion. Design-Builder will pay for the first $5,000 of the policy deductible. The Owner will be responsible for losses to the Work due to Earth Movement and Flood if coverage is not provided under the Builder’s Risk policy.
Builder’s Risk. At the discretion of the City, the Contractor, at its cost, shall obtain and maintain in the names of the City and the Contractor "all- risk" builders risk insurance (if approved by the City) upon the entire structure or structures on which the Work of this Contract is to be done and upon all material in or adjacent thereto or those that are “off-site” but which are intended for use thereon, to one hundred percent (100%) of the completed value thereof.