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Brand Name. Lian may Commercialize the Licensed Products under the Nanobiotix Trademarks. If (i) Regulatory Authorities in the Territory require or (ii) Lian elects to market the Licensed Products within the Territory under a separate brand name than the Nanobiotix Trademarks (including a localized version of any Nanobiotix Trademark), then Lian shall provide such alternative brand name for the Licensed Products within the Territory to the JSC for review and approval and any Trademark composed of such alternative brand name shall be filed and owned by Nanobiotix, unless otherwise agreed in writing or set forth in this Section 2.1(c), and shall accordingly become a part of the Nanobiotix Trademarks. Nanobiotix will use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to diligently file and maintain such Trademarks for the Licensed Products within the Territory, at Nanobiotix’s sole cost and expense, provided that Nanobiotix may elect, upon written notice to Lian, to transfer to Lian the responsibility for filing and maintaining such Trademarks in the Territory. Upon transfer of Nanobiotix’s responsibility for filing and maintaining Trademarks in the Territory, Nanobiotix will promptly deliver to Lian copies of all necessary files related to such Trademarks and will take all actions and execute all documents reasonably necessary for Lian to assume control of such filing and maintenance. In addition, at any time prior to First Commercial Sale in the Territory, Nanobiotix may elect to Commercialize the Licensed Products outside the Territory under a Trademark other than the Nanobiotix Trademarks, in which case, Nanobiotix will notify Lian about the change, the new brand name or Trademark shall become part of the Nanobiotix Trademarks, and Lian may Commercialize the Licensed Product under such new brand name or Trademark.
Brand Name. Novartis intends to market the Products under the proprietary names "Vapor Patch" or "VaporPatch" (as selected by Novartis in its own discretion). LecTec hereby acknowledges that it has no objection to Novartis seeking to register such names at its own expense and risk with the United States Trademark Office, or with other authorities, and shall file its consent thereto, as requested in writing by Novartis, but LecTec does not warrant or imply that such marks are otherwise available or will be granted. LecTec shall give commercially reasonable cooperation to Novartis to manufacture and label the Products with such name or names or other names as Novartis, in its sole discretion, may designate from time to time during the term of this Agreement. However, subject to the foregoing, nothing herein shall be deemed to authorize the use of any LecTec trade name or trademark or any other xxxx that would dilute or reasonably tend to dilute any such LecTec trade name or trademark.
Brand Name. The County reserves the right to request samples to determine quality and acceptability of materials bid by Contractor. In some cases, brand names have been listed in order to define the desired quality and are not intended to be restrictive or to limit competition. Materials substantially equivalent to those designated shall qualify for consideration.
Brand Name. Except as may otherwise be agreed by HTI and MBUSA in writing, HTI shall market the MBTA Services under the *** name. MBUSA represents and warrants to HTI that it (or its Affiliate) holds sufficient rights in the *** name to permit HTI to utilize such brand name pursuant to this Agreement.
Brand Name. Subject to SoCalGas' prior approval in accordance with Article IX of this Agreement, Pacific may use the SoCalGas brand name and logo for marketing and labeling Pacific products and services. Pacific shall not be required to pay SoCalGas for the use of the SoCalGas name or logo. Pacific may refer to itself publicly as "In affiliation with The Gas Company". SoCalGas shall approve all advertising copy for conformance with SoCalGas standards.
Brand Name. For the first five years following the Effective Date, or for such longer period as Danka and NexPress mutually agree, NexPress shall supply all Products with a brand name and corporate symbol designated by NexPress or NexPress Affiliates and such other trademarks as NexPress or NexPress Affiliates adopts for use on New Products, provided however, that if NexPress changes the brand name and corporate symbol after the Effective Date, NexPress shall bear the costs relating to changes in design, manufacturing and marketing information made necessary as a result of the new brand name. NexPress's obligation to supply Products with a brand name and corporate symbol designated by NexPress and such other trademarks as NexPress and NexPress's Affiliates currently use, is (a) contingent on Danka's and Dealer's compliance with this Agreement and (b) is at all times subject to Danka's and Dealer's strict compliance with the brand name certification requirements as set forth on Exhibit 11.1, which may be amended from time to time by NexPress or any NexPress Affiliate in its sole discretion.
Brand Name a. Manager is required to use the Nextel brand name and other Nextel trademarks to market digital iDEN services provided on Licensee's spectrum in the Expansion Territory, subject to Nextel's standards and restrictions for use of this intellectual property. In the event Nextel makes a material change in its brand identity, Manager is required to implement such change as set forth in the JV Agreement.
Brand Name. 3.1. The use of a brand name is for the purpose of describing a standard of quality, performance, and characteristics desired and is not intended to limit or restrict competition.
Brand Name. So long as both ADS Ventures (or one of its Affiliates) and Tigre Parent (or one of its Affiliates) are Shareholders, subject to the License Agreements, the Corporation shall (and shall cause the Subsidiaries to) market and sell all Products of the Business under the brand name “Tigre-ADS”. The rights of the Corporation or any Subsidiary to use the names “Tigre” or “ADS” shall be governed by and shall terminate in accordance with the applicable License Agreement.