Standard of Quality Sample Clauses

Standard of Quality. All work performed by CONSULTANT under this Agreement shall be in accordance with all applicable legal requirements and shall meet the standard of quality ordinarily to be expected of competent professionals in CONSULTANT’s field of expertise.
Standard of Quality. Development Manager has prepared and Owner has approved detailed general and specific standards for the overall development of the Project, as set forth in the Approved Plans and covering site use, selection of materials, building systems, landscaping, parking and other features related to development of the Project (the “Standard of Quality”).
Standard of Quality. 3.1 The License to Use shall apply to the Products provided that them complies with the Standard of Quality in materials and workmanship set by the Licensor particulars of which shall on the signing hereof be disclosed in confidence to the Licensee (herein called “the Standard of Quality”).
Standard of Quality. City relies upon the professional ability of Contractor as a material inducement to entering into this Agreement. All work performed by Contractor under this Agreement shall be performed 1) with due diligence, using its best efforts to perform and coordinate all activities in a timely manner; 2) in accordance with all applicable legal requirements; and 3) with the standard of quality ordinarily expected of competent professionals in Contractor’s field of expertise. Contractor shall correct, at its own expense, all errors made in the provision of services under this Agreement. In the event that Contractor fails to make such correction in a timely manner, City may make the correction and charge the cost thereof to Contractor.
Standard of Quality. Lodemo shall adhere to commercially reasonable standards in performing the Services in accordance with Global’s direction and expectations as communicated in writing and through Project meetings with Global from time to time and shall perform or cause to be performed the Services in all material respects in accordance with (i) Prudent Operating Practice, (ii) Lodemo’s standard practices for such services consistent with the scope and quality of similar services provided by Lodemo for itself in its other business activities, and (iii) all reasonable instructions of Global (collectively, the “Service Standard”).
Standard of Quality. The permission to use the Trade Marks shall apply only to the Software and Services made according to the Methods disclosed hereunder provided that any such Software and Services comply with the Standard of Quality set out in Exhibit D.
Standard of Quality. Licensor agrees that Licensee shall have reasonable discretion in its use of the Licensed Marks in connection with the operation, direction, management and supervision of the Licensee's Business. Licensee agrees that the quality of the goods and/or services offered under the Licensed Marks in connection with the Licensee's Business shall be at least consistent with or better than the average quality of goods and/or services offered by Licensor under the Licensed Marks as of the date of this License (the "Quality Standard"). Licensee further agrees to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations in its use of the Licensed Marks. Licensor agrees that whenever it uses the Licensed Marks in advertising or in any other manner in connection with the Licensee's Business, Licensee shall clearly indicate Licensor's ownership of the Licensed Marks. Licensee shall provide Licensor with samples of or a description of any signs, advertising, promotional material, literature, packages and labels which incorporate the Licensed Marks and which have been or will be prepared by or for Licensee and which are intended to be used by Licensee at least five (5) days prior to their use or publication for Licensor's prior written approval. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, Licensee shall not be required to obtain the prior written approval for the use of the Licensed Marks from Licensor if Licensee continues to use such Licensed Marks in a manner commensurate with Licensor's historical use of the Licensed Marks. Licensor's failure to approve such samples within five (5) days after such samples are submitted by Licensee shall be deemed an approval of the use of the Licensed Marks by Licensee. Once any use of a Licensed Marks is approved, such use shall be deemed approved for the Term of this License.
Standard of Quality. Platinum acknowledges that the Licensed Marks have established valuable goodwill and are well recognized in the minds of the relevant classes of customers and trade. Platinum agrees that the nature and quality of all services provided or offered by Platinum in connection with the Licensed Marks as permitted hereunder shall materially equal or exceed the standard of quality maintained by St. Paul immediately prior to the Closing Date (as defined in Section 5.0). Platinum shall permit St. Paul reasonably prompt access to Platinum's facilities and personnel xx prior written notice as reasonably requested by St. Paul or necessary for St. Paul to verify that Platinum is in compliaxxx with the immediately fxxxxoing sentence. Platinum also shall from time to time upon St. Paul's written request and at Platinum's cost make available to St. Paul for inspection specimens demonstrating Platinum's use of the Lixxxxed Marks and other materials used in connection with the Licensed Marks.
Standard of Quality. As a condition to maintaining the rights granted under Section 1.1, above, Licensees shall be required to maintain the standards of quality (in terms of facility utilization and maintenance, product and service offerings, and customer service) established for the Golf Facilities by GBI as owner of the Golden Bear Endorsement, which standards contemplate a golf teaching and practice facility substantially in the form of the current Golf Facilities which conforms with the requirements otherwise described in this Section 2. The parties acknowledge that Licensor reserves the right, with the consent of GBI as owner of the Facility Trademark, to modify and supplement the standards of quality reflected in this Agreement as necessary during its term to reflect modifications to the forms of teaching and practice facilities and services offered to the public by Licensor, its affiliates and licensees under the Facility Trademark. Additional standards of quality which are adopted by GBI to cover Upgrades developed by Licensor during the term of this Agreement shall become effective upon actual utilization by Licensees of any such Upgrades at the Golf Facilities under the ongoing license granted under Section 1.1, above. New standards which are adopted by GBI to cover facilities, equipment or operations currently conducted at the Golf Facilities shall become applicable: (i) upon written notice from Licensor, if the implementation of such standards does not require any additional capital investment by Licensees or significantly increase their operating expenses, or (ii) at such time, if any, as non-conforming facilities and equipment are replaced by Licensees in the normal course of business or conflicting operating standards are abandoned, provided that Licensees may replace non-conforming facilities or equipment or conflicting operating standards with reasonably comparable items or standards if implementation of GBI's new standards would significantly increase the costs of such replacement or Licensees' operating expenses. Without limiting the rights of Licensor under this Agreement or the rights of GBI to protect the goodwill of its trademarks under its master licensing agreements with GB Golf and Licensor, authorized representatives of Licensor and/or GBI shall have the right to inspect any Golf Facilities owned and operated by Licensees a reasonable number of times per year on reasonable notice during reasonable hours to ensure that such Golf Facilities are being m...