Marketing Information Sample Clauses

Marketing Information. 8.1 Aligned to the Purpose and Objectives the Parties will comply with the following clauses of this section 8 and will seek to pool collective resources to present and promote the overall bus offer PROVIDED THAT all Operators are free to market and promote their own offer SUBJECT TO the wider bus offer not being undermined.
Marketing Information. Copies of current and past advertising and promotional materials, to the extent that they relate exclusively to the Products, with the understanding that Buyer will reformat same to substitute its name for that of HLR or RPI as the case may be.
Marketing Information. 13.1 All marketing information used by the Company is owned by or is the subject of a valid grant of rights to the Company and is not subject to any restriction which could adversely affect the Company’s ability to use it for the purposes of its Business.
Marketing Information. PowerSource shall provide marketing assistance to Agent as PowerSource deems necessary, in PowerSource's sole discretion. In the event Agent develops, distributes, advertises or promotes PowerSource products or services, Agent shall not make any representations which are false, misleading or at variance in substantive content with the printed marketing materials of PowerSource. Agent shall submit any written promotional materials to PowerSource in advance for approval before distributing them to any Potential Customers.
Marketing Information. All marketing information provided by the Program Administrator shall remain the property of the Program Administrator.
Marketing Information. All marketing and sales material and information for the Rondec Products, CCA Products and all copyrights and moral rights thereto.
Marketing Information. The Company shall have the right from time to time to require Franchisee to furnish requested marketing information based on Franchisee's records, which information will be used by the Company in making surveys and analysis designed to benefit and improve the System, business and operating results of all STEAK N SHAKE Restaurants. Franchisee, upon reasonable request, shall promptly furnish such information to the Company or its designee(s).