Bondholders Sample Clauses

Bondholders. The Lessee shall not enter into any transaction constituting a consolidation, merger, conveyance, transfer, lease or dividend not permitted by Section l0(b)(3)(ii), irrespective of any consent or waiver of the Owner Participant, unless immediately after giving effect to such transaction, the Bonds (or, if the Bonds are not then rated, the preferred stock of the Surviving Lessee), after giving effect to such transaction, shall be rated at least "investment grade" by Standard & Poor's Corporation and Xxxxx'x Investors Service, Inc.
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Bondholders. With respect to the Class A-2 Bonds, the certificate guaranty insurance policy number #AB0236BE, issued by the Bond Insurer to the Indenture Trustee for the benefit of the Class A-2 Bondholders.
Bondholders. As soon as practicable, and in no event later than sixty Business Days after the date on which all Customer accounts are being billed under such new system, the Servicer shall notify the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee and the Rating Agencies of the same.
Bondholders. Seller shall make determinations and execute all documents as necessary to ensure that Buyer shall have no obligation to any bondholders, if applicable, relating to the Systems.
Bondholders. Bondholders means any or all persons who provide the Financing.
Bondholders. Each of the Seller Parties and each Bondholder jointly and severally represent and warrant to Buyer, except as set forth in the Disclosure Schedules, as follows:
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Bondholders. The bond debt claims will be allowed, and will be completely resolved and satisfied through a cash payment from RGL Assets to the Indenture Trustee, for the benefit of the Bondholders pursuant to the Indenture, in an amount equal to the sum of (i) 83.42% of $397,413,324.50, which is the sum of the principal and prepetition interest of the bond debt, plus (ii) up to $6.0 million in payment of the allowed fees and expenses of the Indenture Trustee, its counsel and financial advisor, and counsel to the Ad Hoc Bondholders' Committee, subject to application for approval as a substantial contribution to these cases pursuant to section 503(b) of the Bankruptcy Code. The parties to the Plan Support Agreement, other than the RGL Debtors, agree not to object to such substantial contribution application. The RGL Debtors reserve the right to review and object to the application, but solely with respect to the reasonableness, compensability and allocation of the fees and expenses incurred. The consideration described in clause (i) above shall not be subject to reduction, setoff or recoupment of any kind or for any reason. The cash payment will be made to the Indenture Trustee on the Plan Effective Date to the extent of available cash, net of reasonable reserves for administrative and priority claims of the RGL Debtors, from RGL Assets, with any balance of the payment to be paid to the Indenture Trustee from time to time from available cash. Beginning January 1, 2007, interest shall accrue on any unpaid balance at the same rate of interest which Refco LLC earns on its invested cash and cash equivalents. Nothing in the Global Plan shall limit the charging lien of the Indenture Trustee under the Indenture.
Bondholders. 14.1 The VPS Notes have the benefit of this Agreement and the provisions of this Agreement are binding on the Bondholders by their purchase, subscription or transfer of such VPS Notes.
Bondholders. Exclusive of supplemental indentures permitted by Section 9.01 hereof and subject to the terms and provisions contained in this Section, and not otherwise, the Owners of not less than a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Outstanding 2014A Bonds, shall have the right, from time to time, anything contained in this Indenture to the contrary notwithstanding, to consent to and approve the execution by the Issuer and the Trustee of such other indenture or indentures supplemental hereto as shall be deemed necessary and desirable for the purpose of modifying, altering, amending, adding to or rescinding, in any particular, any of the terms or provisions contained in this Indenture or in any supplemental indenture; provided, however, that nothing in this Section or in Section 9.01 hereof contained shall permit, or be construed as permitting, without the consent of the Owners of all of the 2014A Bonds Outstanding, (a) an extension of the maturity of the principal of, or the interest on, any 2014A Bonds issued hereunder, or (b) a reduction in the principal amount of, or redemption premium on, any 2014A Bonds or the rate of interest thereon, or (c) a privilege or priority of any 2014A Bonds over any other 2014A Bonds, or (d) a reduction in the aggregate principal amount of the 2014A Bonds required for consent to such supplemental indentures or any modifications or waivers of the provisions of this Indenture, or (e) the creation of any lien ranking prior to or on a parity with the lien of this Indenture on the Trust Estate or any part thereof, except as hereinbefore expressly permitted, or (f) the deprivation of the Owner of any Outstanding 2014A Bonds of the lien hereby created on the Trust Estate, or (g) an extension of the date for making any scheduled mandatory redemption under Section 4.01(c). If at any time the Issuer shall request the Trustee to enter into any such supplemental indenture for any of the purposes of this Section, the Trustee shall, upon being satisfactorily indemnified with respect to expenses, cause notice of the proposed execution of such supplemental indenture to be given to the Bondholders in the same manner as provided in Section 4.04 of this Indenture for the giving of notices of redemption; provided, that prior to the delivery of such notice, the Trustee may require that an opinion of Bond Counsel be furnished to the effect that the supplemental indenture complies with the provisions of this Indenture and will not adversely affect...
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