Relevant Series definition

Relevant Series means each Series of Programme(s) or one-off Programme(s) re-commissioned by Channel 4 (including the final Series or final one-off Programme(s) re-commissioned) and shall incorporate the original programme(s) commissioned including any initial one off or transmittable pilot programme which shall be deemed to be part of the first Relevant Series commissioned. Ringtone(s) Shall mean the sound made by a Portable Terminal to indicate an incoming call which has been customised to reproduce and use an extract from the soundtrack of the Programme(s) PROVIDED THAT such extract shall be a maximum length of 15 seconds (it being agreed that such extract can be repeated an unlimited number of times in any such ringtone).
Relevant Series means the Series secured by this English Law Security Trust Deed. For the avoidance of doubt, references to a “Series” shall include each Tranche of ETC Securities which are to be consolidated to form a single series with the ETC Securities of such Series with effect from the Issue Date of such Tranche.
Relevant Series has the meaning given to such term in the Fiscal Agency Agreement.

Examples of Relevant Series in a sentence

  • Channel 4 shall be entitled to continue exclusively exploiting the Core Transmission Rights in the Programme(s) in the Relevant Series subject to payment of the repeat fee referred to in Clause 26 of the General Terms of Agreement where relevant) during the Holdback Window (as defined below) and (subject to Clause 24(c) below) the Producer shall be entitled to exploit the Core Secondary Transmission Rights in the Relevant Series after expiry of the Holdback Window.

More Definitions of Relevant Series

Relevant Series means, in relation to a proposed Cross-Series Modification, all those series of debt securities, either specified in the relevant notice for convening a meeting or specified in connection with the associated draft written resolution, which are to be aggregated for voting purposes in connection with that proposed Cross-Series Modification; and
Relevant Series means a Series which is specified as being a "Relevant Series" in the relevant Supplement (being a Series to which the provisions of this Deed shall apply).
Relevant Series means the Series constituted by the relevant Trust Deed as identified in the relevant Issue Deed to which the relevant Trust Deed incorporating these Master Trust Terms relates. For the avoidance of doubt, references to a “Series” shall include each Tranche of ETC Securities which are to be consolidated to form a single series with the ETC Securities of such Series with effect from the Issue Date of such Tranche.
Relevant Series outstanding voting securities, or on 90 days' notice by you. This Agreement will also terminate automatically, as to the relevant Series, in the event of its assignment (as defined in the 1940 Act and the rules and regulations thereunder).

Related to Relevant Series

  • Record series means a group of records that may be treated as a unit for purposes of designation, description, management, or disposition.

  • Series or “Series of Securities” means each series of debentures, notes or other debt instruments of the Company created pursuant to Sections 2.1 and 2.2 hereof.

  • Refinancing Series means all Refinancing Term Loans or Refinancing Term Commitments that are established pursuant to the same Refinancing Amendment (or any subsequent Refinancing Amendment to the extent such Refinancing Amendment expressly provides that the Refinancing Term Loans or Refinancing Term Commitments provided for therein are intended to be a part of any previously established Refinancing Series) and that provide for the same Effective Yield and amortization schedule.

  • Extension Series means all Extended Term Loans or Extended Revolving Credit Commitments (as applicable) that are established pursuant to the same Extension Agreement (or any subsequent Extension Agreement to the extent such Extension Agreement expressly provides that the Extended Term Loans or Extended Revolving Credit Commitments, as applicable, provided for therein are intended to be a part of any previously established Extension Series) and that provide for the same interest margins, extension fees, if any, and amortization schedule.

  • Financing agency means a bank, finance company, or other person that in the ordinary course of business makes advances against goods or documents of title or that by arrangement with either the seller or the buyer intervenes in ordinary course to make or collect payment due or claimed under the contract for sale, as by purchasing or paying the sellers draft or making advances against it or by merely taking it for collection whether or not documents of title accompany or are associated with the draft. "Financing agency" includes also a bank or other person that similarly intervenes between persons that are in the position of seller and buyer in respect to the goods under section 2707.

  • Principal amount of the debt means the amount of a debt at the time of an agreement.

  • Tranche the collective reference to Eurodollar Loans the then current Interest Periods with respect to all of which begin on the same date and end on the same later date (whether or not such Loans shall originally have been made on the same day).

  • Term Loan Extension Series has the meaning set forth in Section 2.16(a).

  • Funding Agency means the trust and/or insurance company and/or any group of individual trustees as eligible under Applicable Pension Laws designated by the Company and holding the whole or a portion of the assets of the Fund at any time pursuant to the terms of a Funding Agreement.

  • Authorised Denomination means, in respect of any Note, the Minimum Denomination thereof and any denomination equal to one or more multiples of the Authorised Integral Amount in excess of the Minimum Denomination thereof.

  • Authorized Denomination means, with respect to a Note, a principal amount thereof equal to $1,000 or any integral multiple of $1,000 in excess thereof.

  • Series Enhancement means the rights and benefits provided to the Trust or the Investor Certificateholders of any Series or Class pursuant to any letter of credit, surety bond, insurance policy, cash collateral guaranty, subordinated interest in the Trust Assets, cash collateral account, collateral interest, spread account, guaranteed rate agreement, maturity liquidity facility, tax protection agreement, interest rate swap agreement, interest rate cap agreement or other similar arrangement. The subordination of any Series or Class to another Series or Class shall be deemed to be a Series Enhancement.

  • Senior Secured Credit Facilities means the revolving credit facility and other credit facilities under the Credit Agreement, including any guarantees, collateral documents, instruments and agreements executed in connection therewith, and any amendments, supplements, modifications, extensions, renewals, restatements, refundings, refinancings or replacements thereof and any one or more indentures or credit facilities or commercial paper facilities with banks or other institutional lenders or investors that replace, refund, supplement or refinance any part of the loans, notes, other credit facilities or commitments thereunder, including any such replacement, refunding or refinancing facility or indenture that increases the amount borrowable thereunder or alters the maturity thereof (provided that such increase in borrowings is permitted under Section 4.09 hereof) or adds Restricted Subsidiaries as additional borrowers or guarantors thereunder and whether by the same or any other agent, trustee, lender or group of lenders or holders.

  • Required Subordinated Amount of Class C Notes means, for the Class B(___-___) Notes for any date of determination, an amount equal to the sum of