Registration Form Sample Clauses

Registration Form. The Subscriber, if not an individual, either [check appropriate box]: [ ] has previously filed with the TSX Venture Exchange (the “Exchange”) a Form 4C, Corporate Placee Registration Form, represents and warrants that there has been no change to any of the information in the Corporate Placee Registration Form previously filed with the Exchange up to the date hereof; or [ ] hereby delivers a completed Form 4C, Corporate Placee Registration Form, in the form attached as Appendix A to this Schedule B to the Corporation for filing with the Exchange.
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Registration Form. The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is an additional sum of money paid to childcare providers for children of families in receipt of certain benefits. If you believe that your child may qualify for the EYPP please provide the following information of the main benefit holder, so eligibility can be checked. Parent’s Full Name: P arent’s Date of Birth: Parent’s National Insurance Number: Parent’s signature:
Registration Form. The Company must ensure that the invoicing address and other contact information specified in the registration form in Exhibit C is correct and up to date. Should the address, other contact information or number of Affiliates and MAHs change, it is the responsibility of the Company to inform the ICEMVO in writing by immediately sending a new updated and signed Exhibit C and Exhibit D.
Registration Form. Nasdaq shall select the registration statement form for any registration pursuant to Section 2.1, but shall cooperate with the requests of the Initiating Holders or managing underwriters selected by them as to the inclusion therein of information not specifically required by such form.
Registration Form. Participants are solely responsible for completing all required fields in the registration form according to the following instructions. The Team Leader will be the contact point between the SoftFIRE team organising the Hackathon and his team: Field name Field description First Name / Last Name Name and surname of the Team Leader Company/Organization Company/ Organization of the Team Leader E-mail E-mail address of the Team Leader Phone no. Mobile phone number of the Team Leader Number of participants Number of people in the team (including the Team Leader) First Name /Last Name Name and Surname of every person in the team Company/Organization Company/ Organization of every person in the team other than the Team Leader Reason of interest in participating The team has to specify the reason why they are interested in the SoftFIRE project and in participating to the Hackathon. Brief description of the team background and references Components of the team have to write useful information in order to specify their roles inside their company/organization. They can also write here names of their responsible (e.g. their referent Professor, if students/researchers) Comments In this field the team can write any information that they consider useful for the organization of the event or if special requirements are needed.
Registration Form. 2) Payment & Policies Agreement
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Registration Form. The Recipient hereby declares to opt for the Subscription System, in accordance with Article
Registration Form. The Registration Form, a draft of which is attached as Exhibit 3, shall provide information to Eligible Claimants about the benefits of the Settlement and the consequences of failing to register. The Registration Form and accompanying materials may be revised by agreement of the Parties. The Registration Form shall require each Eligible Claimant electing to participate in the Settlement to submit to the Settlement Administrator:
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