Site License definition

Site License means for each product, the term “Site License” shall mean the license established upon acquisition of the applicable number of copies of such product and payment of the applicable license fees as set forth in the Statement of Work.
Site License means a license model that permits use of specified Software for a number of Customer’s employees at a specific Customer site/physical location.
Site License means a Licensed Product for which one License is required for each Customer location, as specified either in the Quote or at the Licensing Basis Webpage. Multiple customer facilities located in the same city or town (based on postal address) shall be considered one “location,” whereas locations located in different cities or towns will require multiple Site Licenses.

Examples of Site License in a sentence

  • You will destroy all Images copied on your servers or elsewhere, with the exception of Images for which Ownership was already granted via a signed Site License, if any.

  • Licensee plans to use PG&E property for constructing, maintaining, servicing, and removing signs and licensee equipment, and will have the non-exclusive right to access the site(s) to the extent and under the conditions specified in the form for the Site License Agreement at Exhibit A of the Master Agreement, and subject to approval by PG&E.

  • The term of the license granted hereunder with respect to each Site ("Site License Term") shall commence on the date stated in the SLA for such Site ("Site Commencement Date"), and shall terminate on the earlier of (i) the date on which the license for such Site terminates, as stated in the SLA for such Site or (ii) the date this Agreement terminates.

  • If LICENSEE continues to occupy or otherwise use any Site(s) after the expiration or earlier termination of the applicable Site License Term, at PG&E's election, such use or holding over will constitute and be construed to be a month-to-month use of the Site(s) at a monthly rent equal to one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the License Fee applicable to such Site(s) at the time of expiration or termination, plus any other payments due under the terms of this Agreement.

  • Similarly, Licensee or its designee may be required, as a condition of a Supplemental Site License, to pay for make ready work which amount, if any, will be estimated by Licensor and payable in advance subject to true up after such work is completed.

More Definitions of Site License

Site License means a type of license that only allows Client to access the Product from the locations listed in the Order Form. Proxy or community access from locations not listed in the Order Form is strictly prohibited. Site License may include Client Affiliates’ locations as sites, if the Order Form specifically lists the Client Affiliates’ locations.
Site License means a license for Clinic to use the Software at the Permitted Site, with a limited Annual Product Usage, in accordance with this License Agreement. A Site License enables concurrent users at a Permitted Site.
Site License means each agreement between Buyer and a PPA Customer regarding the license or similar contractual arrangement providing Buyer with the right of access to a Site for the purposes of performing Buyer’s obligations pursuant to the applicable PPA.
Site License means that certain Production Facility and Coal Yard Site License dated as of June 29, 2010 by and between Lessee and Utility.
Site License means the document in the form of Exhibit A that, when fully executed, incorporates the provisions of this Master License and authorizes Licensee to install, operate and maintain Equipment for the Permitted Use on the City Asset identified in the Site License.
Site License means a Subscription License that may be accessed during the Subscription Term by all authorized Users located in the specific physical site identified on the Order Form.
Site License means a license to vend at a specific site;