Responsibility For Use Sample Clauses

Responsibility For Use. (a) The Company alone will be responsible for furnishing, or arranging for a third party to furnish, all data and information required by the Documentation and the specifications therein for the Licensed System to function and perform in accordance with the Documentation, other than the data and information residing in the Licensed System in connection with BNYM’s performance of the Core Services. BNYM shall have no liability or responsibility for any Loss caused in whole or in part by the Company’s or a Permitted User’s exercise of the Licensed Rights or use of the Licensed System or by data or information of any nature inputted into the Licensed System by or under the direction or authorization of Company or a Permitted User; provided, however, this Section 2.5 shall not relieve BNYM of its obligation to act in accordance with its obligations under the Main Agreement. Company shall be responsible and solely liable for the cost or expense of regenerating any output or other remedial action if the Company, a Permitted User or an agent of either shall have failed to transmit properly and in the correct format any data or information, shall have transmitted erroneous or incorrect information or data, or shall have failed to timely verify or reconcile any such data or information when it is generated by the Licensed System (“Data Faults”).
Responsibility For Use. Subscribing Organization shall be responsible if use of or access to the Gateway Service is improper or illegal or otherwise does not conform to the terms of this Agreement. Service Provider is not responsible for any access or use of the Gateway Service or Service Information by Subscribing Organization, Authorized Users, or any of Subscribing Organization’s users, pharmacists, practitioners, employees, patients, affiliates, agents or contractors, or any state employees, agents, affiliates, or contractors.
Responsibility For Use. Healthcare Entity shall be responsible if use of or access to the Gateway Service through Healthcare Entity’s electronic systems is improper or illegal or otherwise does not conform to the terms of this Agreement. Service Provider is not responsible for any access or use of the Gateway Service or Appriss Service Information, PMP data, or PMP user data by Healthcare Entity, Authorized Users, or any of Healthcare Entity’s users, pharmacists, practitioners, Employees, patients, affiliates, agents or contractors, or any state Employees, agents, affiliates, or contractor.
Responsibility For Use. This Agreement extends to you for all use of the Service on any account that you own individually or as a joint owner. You are responsible as provided herein for all use of the Service on such accounts, including use by a joint account owner or an authorized signatory on your accounts including:
Responsibility For Use. Company is responsible and liable for: - All losses, costs, expenses, Fines or other charges imposed on or incurred by Company related to, resulting from, or arising out of: (A) the conduct of its Authorized Users in connection with the Services including any breach or violation by its Users of this Platform Agreement or any of the agreements, terms, and policies incorporated by reference including but not limited to any use of the Services not authorized by Company; or (B) any actions or failure to act on the part of Authorized Users to access Company’s AtoB Account; - Ensuring that Users are aware of and agree to abide by the terms of this Platform Agreement, the Cardholder Agreement, the User Terms, the Financial Partner Terms, and all applicable law and Card Network rules in connection with their use of the Cards and the Services; - Obtaining appropriate consent and authorization to provide Users’ Personal Data, and ensuring that Users are aware of and have reviewed the Privacy Policy and understand how we process their Personal Data; and - Ensuring that Users use the Services only for valid, lawful business purposes of the Company and not for any personal, family, or household use.
Responsibility For Use. The Software and Documentation may be used only by Authorized Persons and in conformance with this Agreement. Licensee shall be responsible for the proper use and protection of the Software and Documentation and is responsible for: (i) installing, managing, operating, and physically controlling the Software and the results obtained from using the Software; (ii) using the Software within the operating environment specified in the Documentation; and; (iii) establishing and maintaining such recovery and data protection and security procedures as necessary for Licensee's service and operation and/or as may be specified by Xxxxxx from time to time.
Responsibility For Use. You are responsible for Your own end users and their compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
Responsibility For Use. You assume sole responsibility for the use of the Software and for any results obtained by you from the Software. You shall be solely responsible for necessary audit and verification of the sufficiency and accuracy of all reports, documents and other information prepared using the Software. You shall also be solely responsible for the nature and content of all data, information, materials or any other content submitted by you or your users through the Software.