Legal representation definition

Legal representation means the provision to or on behalf of an Elected Member or Employee by an approved lawyer of legal services in respect of:
Legal representation means the provision of legal services, to or on behalf of a Council Member or employee, by an approved lawyer that is in respect of:
Legal representation means acting as an advocate in governmental adjudicative proceedings in a court or administrative agency to determine the specific rights or obligations of one or more persons.”

Examples of Legal representation in a sentence

  • I am also grateful to participants in the Yale Law School Faculty Workshop and participants in the Fordham Conference on Ethical Issues in the Legal Representation of Children, particularly Frank Cervone, Michael Corriero, Chris Dunn, Ellen Effron, Rose Firestein, Deborah Glaser, Ann Haralambie, Daniella Levine, Bob Schwartz, Jane Spinak, and Luis Zayas.

  • As part of its mission to improve the scope of family defense, NYSDA advocates for the earliest possible entry of public defense counsel, because timely representation increases the quality of the representation and therefore presents the opportunity for better outcomes.” NYSDA Testimony Before the New York State Unified Court System Commission on Parental Legal Representation, at p.

  • Additionally, attorneys and advocates who engage in holistic, client-centered representation tend to see better outcomes for parents and children, avoiding or substantially shortening the timeframe that children are in foster care.5 See NYSDA Testimony Before the New York State Unified Court System Commission on Parental Legal Representation, at pp.

  • To be eligible to have legal costs covered as part of ANMF (Vic Branch) membership under the Legal Costs / Legal Representation Scheme it is a requirement that the person seeking legal assistance: • be referred by the ANMF (Vic Branch) to the ANMF solicitors in writing; and • was a financial member at the time the incident occurred that led to the need for legal assistance, and remains a financial member unless no longer eligible for ANMF (Vic Branch) membership.

  • We also thank the Chief Judge’s Commission on Parental Legal Representation for bringing to the forefront the importance of effective representation by recommending that “parents be timely provided with relevant information about the right to counsel, and that parents be granted access to counsel during a child protective agency investigation and sufficiently in advance of the first court appearance.” See Commission on Parental Representation – Interim Report to Chief Judge DiFiore (February 2019).

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Legal representation means the provision of civil legal services, other than acting as a mediator or arbitrator, to an individual or legal person F13 in particular proceedings where that individual or legal person—
Legal representation means representation by a legal practitioner;
Legal representation means a representation in court by a legal practitioner or pupil barrister;
Legal representation means representation by a Legal Practitioner.
Legal representation means the services of an attorney provided to a defendant/respondent in matter originating in a state court in Delaware County involving:
Legal representation means representation in a covered
Legal representation means the person authorized by G.S. 130A-420 who would be otherwise authorized to dispose of the remains of the preneed funeral contract beneficiary."