Shared Facilities definition

Shared Facilities means the gentie lines, transformers, substations, or other equipment, permits, contract rights and obligations, and other assets and property (real or personal), in each case, as necessary to enable delivery of energy from Seller’s electric generating facility (which is excluded from this definition of Shared Facilities) to the Point of Interconnection that are used in common with other entities, as applicable.
Shared Facilities means those facilities in respect of which the Franchisee and Network Rail carry out their respective activities concurrently;
Shared Facilities means the gen-tie lines, transformers, substations, or other equipment, permits, contract rights, and other assets and property (real or personal), in each case, as necessary to enable delivery of energy from the Facility (which is excluded from Shared Facilities) to the point of interconnection, including the Interconnection Agreement itself, that are used in common with third parties.

Examples of Shared Facilities in a sentence

  • You are liable for any damage caused by you or your Invitees to the Space, the Shared Facilities, the Common Areas, the Host Personal Property or the Building.

  • You shall not alter, add, replace, remove or damage any furnishings, equipment or other personal property located in, on or around the Space, the Shared Facilities, the Host Area or the Common Areas which is not owned by you or your Invitees ("Host Personal Property").

  • The Host may make changes to the Shared Facilities from time to time during the Term including, without limitation, removal of all or portions of the Shared Facilities without your consent or notice to you.

  • So long as the Shared Facilities Arrangement is in place, any new franchise agreement executed in connection with a Transfer, or any successor franchise agreement executed between you and us must contain the provisions set forth in this Addendum.

  • The penalty payable shall increase by $50 for each subsequent Shared Facilities Default (for the avoidance of doubt, the penalty shall be $250 for the second Shared Facilities Default, shall be $300 for the third Shared Facilities Default, etc.).

More Definitions of Shared Facilities

Shared Facilities means equipment, facilities, pipelines, permits, real estate rights, entitlements or other property that are shared or jointly used, owned or operated by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries and any owner of Expansion Assets.
Shared Facilities shall have the meaning specified in the Shared Facilities Agreement.
Shared Facilities has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 4.1; and
Shared Facilities means the information systems, control systems, electrical infrastructure and equipment, data lines, emergency response equipment, communication lines, maintenance facilities, valves, motor control centers, buildings, pump station locations, terminal facilities, lab facilities, fire protection systems, tank farms and other facilities or systems of the Partnership generally or a Series existing as of the Series AC Closing Date or developed, constructed or acquired thereafter that, in each case, are related to or necessary for the operation of the assets of two or more Series.
Shared Facilities means those BC Hydro owned electricity delivery facilities which, in the opinion of BC Hydro, are used, or potentially used, in whole or in part, by BC Hydro to supply other customers in addition to the Customer, as further described in Appendix A;
Shared Facilities means [ ]
Shared Facilities has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Participation Agreement.