Source Code definition

Source Code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. “Object code” means any non-source form of a work.
Source Code means computer software and code, in form other than object code form, including related programmer comments and annotations, help text, data and data structures, instructions and procedural, object-oriented and other code, which may be printed out or displayed in human readable form.
Source Code means the human readable source code of the Software to which it relates, in the programming language in which the Software was written, together with all related flow charts and technical documentation, including a description of the procedure for generating object code, all of a level sufficient to enable a programmer reasonably fluent in such programming language to understand, build, operate, support, maintain and develop modifications, upgrades, updates, adaptations, enhancements, new versions and other derivative works and improvements of, and to develop computer programs compatible with, the Software.

Examples of Source Code in a sentence

  • Furthermore, comments to the MATLAB® Source Code Implementation of both conventional and automated method are given in Appendices A.1 and A.2. The MATLAB code is presented in appendices B.1 and B.2.

  • In such event, Supplier shall deliver with the Deliverable all electronic files and documents prescribed by the original licensors for the re- distribution of the Open Source Software component (e.g. Source Code, license terms, warranty disclaimer, copyright notice).

  • Except as has not had a Company Material Adverse Effect, each Person that has had or has access to confidential information of the Company or any Company Subsidiary (including any Source Code) is subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations regarding the non-disclosure and protection of such confidential information, and, to the Company’s Knowledge, no such Person has materially breached or is in material breach of any such obligations.

More Definitions of Source Code

Source Code means computer programs and/or data in eye-readable form and in such form that it can be compiled or interpreted into equivalent binary code together with all technical information and documentation necessary for the use, reproduction, modification and enhancement of such software;
Source Code means computer instructions and data definitions expressed in a form suitable for input into an assembler, compiler or other translator.
Source Code means human-readable program statements written by a programmer or developer in a high-level or assembly language that are not directly readable by a computer and that need to be compiled into object code before they can be executed by a computer.
Source Code means the programming instruction for a computer program in its original form, created by a programmer with a text editor or a visual programming tool and saved in a file.