Account Executive Sample Clauses

Account Executive. In The self-funded positions of Account Executive– Xxxxxx College for Business, the introductory period may be extended under Article 5.5 for an additional six (6) months to twelve (12) months. However, employees may use paid time off (vacation and personal business days) after the first six month period. Pre-determined sales goals will be the primary factor in measuring successful employee performance in these positions. Individual performance against these pre-determined goals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Additionally, the disciplinary sequence may be shortened if the employee does not meet the pre-determined sales goals or it may be reasonably determined by the College that the sales goals for a quarter or the year will not be met. Furthermore, it is agreed that any incentive compensation program for the Account Executive position, above the negotiated salary increase, shall not be a subject of collective bargaining.
Account Executive. The term "Account Executive" means the individual appointed by each party to act (i) as the primary point of contact with the other party in dealing with each party's obligations under this Agreement and (ii) in the case of PwCES, as the executive in charge of overseeing the provision of the Services.
Account Executive. IFSI will designate an individual who ----------------- will be responsible for supervising all services rendered to
Account Executive. SunGard shall assign an Account Executive to Customer to assist in monitoring the continued viability of Customer’s disaster recovery capability and to facilitate ongoing communications between Customer and SunGard.
Account Executive. A senior level account support person assigned to oversee the day-to-day issues arising in Systems Support, Consumer Participant Support, Program Support, New Merchant Support and Enhancements Support, who will be the principal liaison with Customer, and who will be expected to visit personally Customer's facilities on a regular basis and confirm that CCI is meeting service level commitments.
Account Executive. Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Service Provider shall cause the person assigned as the Service Provider AE to devote substantially all of his or her working time and effort in the employ of the Service Provider to his or her responsibilities for the provision of the Services, subject to the Service Provider’s reasonable holiday, vacation and medical leave policies and subject to occasional, short-term, non-recurring work on other assignments by the Service Provider related to the Service Provider AE’s areas of expertise. The Service Provider AE shall serve as the single point of accountability for the Service Provider for the Services and shall have the additional responsibilities described in Exhibit 8, the “Governance” Exhibit. The Service Provider AE’s compensation shall include meaningful financial incentives based on the Customer’s satisfaction with the Services.
Account Executive. The Company shall maintain the Sales Bonus Plan for the term of the Collective Agreement which recognizes individual and team contribution toward sales and performance objectives. The Plan features a motivational incentive to meet andexceed objectives. The potential earning opportunity at target will not be decreased over the term of the Collective Agreement. Sales objectives will be established by the Company for each Sales professional, normally by the end of January of the year for which the objectives are being established. If it becomes necessary to modify objectives during the course of the year, the business rationale for the changes will be reviewed with those affected. A Guidance Team, which includes Representatives of the Association, will meet periodically to review issues associated with the Sales Bonus Plan and quarterly results. The annual Sales Bonus Plan design parameters will be shared with the union representatives at a Guidance Team meeting in December each year. In accordance with the Company’s past practice, total compensation levels (base salary plus sales bonus) will be compared periodically to market practice. As a result of these comparisons, adjustments to total compensation may be made by the Company where, in its opinion, such adjustments are both required and feasible to implement. Yours truly, Director of Industrial Relations (CTEA) December 16, 1999 Mrs. Xxxxxx Xxxx President Canadian Telephone Employees’ Association Xxxxx 000, Xxxxx xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (Xxxxxx) X0X 0X0 Subject: Sales Skills and Competencies Dear Xxx. Xxxx: This is to confirm our understanding reached during bargaining for the renewal of the Communications Sales Employees Collective Agreement regarding the acquisition of sales skills and competencies. Both parties recognize that the Company and its employees are faced with many challenges: total competition, growing customer and shareholder demands, accelerated deregulation and the convergence of new technologies. The Company commits to the continuous enhancement and development of Sales training programs for the various market segments with specific emphasis on technological skills acquisition, recognizing that employees are accountable to ensure their self-development in these areas. The evolution of Sales training programs will be reviewed annually at a Consultative meeting. Xxxxx Xxxx Director of Industrial Relations (CTEA) December 16, 1999 Mrs. Xxxxxx Xxxx President Canadian Telephone Employees’ Associat...
Account Executive. Contractor represents and warrants that its Account Executive is an experienced manager who is knowledgeable as to the County’s activities and the Services. Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary, Contractor shall not replace its Account Executive during the Term without the County’s prior written consent. The Account Executive shall act as the primary liaison between Contractor and the CIO, shall have overall responsibility for directing all of Contractor’s activities hereunder, and shall be vested by Contractor with all necessary authority to fulfill that responsibility.
Account Executive. A management official designated by Netsol (the "Account Executive") shall have primary operational responsibility for Netsol's performance of the Services, including all Netsol personnel and other technical resources used in performing the Services, and will serve as day-to-day contact with the Project Sponsor.