Access to Facility Sample Clauses

Access to Facility. With reasonable notice, employees of the Department, the Legislative Auditors Office, the Governor's Office, the Board of Pardons and Parole, and members of the Legislature shall have complete access to all areas of the Facility to allow for observation of the Program or to conduct periodic program reviews and/or Contract audits. Access shall include, but not be limited to; program and financial records, Contractor’s staff, and offenders housed in the Facility. All such persons desiring access to the Facility shall be subject to Contractor's routine security inspection. Contractor shall be given reasonable advance notice to accommodate organized tours of the Facility.
Access to Facility. Upon prior notice, Manufacturer will permit RADIUS or its duly authorized representatives, such representatives having to enter into a reasonable separate confidentiality agreement with Manufacturer, to reasonably observe and consult with Manufacturer during the performance of Services under this Agreement, including without limitation the Manufacturing of any Batch of Product. Manufacturer also agrees that RADIUS and its duly authorized agents, upon prior notice, will have reasonable access, during operational hours and during active Manufacturing, to inspect the Facility and Manufacturing Process to ascertain compliance by Manufacturer with the terms of this Agreement, including, without limitation, inspection of (i) the Equipment and materials used in the performance of Services, (ii) the holding facilities for such materials and Equipment, and (iii) all Records relating to such Services and the Facility. RADIUS will also have the right, at its expense, to reasonably conduct “mock” pre-approval audits upon prior notice to Manufacturer, and Manufacturer agrees to cooperate with RADIUS in such “mock audits.”
Access to Facility. The University and its representatives shall have the right to enter the Facility at all reasonable times before, during, and after the Event, for any reasonable purpose. The University retains the right, in its sole discretion, to immediately eject and bar User and/or its Invitees from the Facility for just cause, including without limitation, a violation of any term or condition of this Agreement.
Access to Facility. Appropriate representatives of Company shall at all reasonable times, including weekends and nights, and with reasonable prior notice, have access to the Facility to read meters and to perform all inspections and operational reviews as may be appropriate to facilitate the performance of this PPA. While at the Facility, such representatives shall observe such reasonable safety precautions as may be required by Seller and shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not interfere with the operation of the Facility.
Access to Facility. Subject to the terms of Section 8.2 of the ------------------ Operator Lease, Borrower shall permit agents, representatives and employees of Lender to inspect the Facility or any part thereof at such reasonable times as may be requested by Lender upon advance notice.
Access to Facility. RCPR staff will be on-site at your event. Access to the facility is only permitted during the hours listed on your Rental Agreement. Renting party must vacate the facility whether people are waiting to use the facility or not. Failure to exit the facility at your designated end-time, will result in the forfeiture of your incidental fee.
Access to Facility. Only Approved Persons may have unescorted access to (1) the Restricted Areas of a Facility and (2) any area of the Facility, during non-business hours when there is no security screening available. Contractor and Subcontractor employees who are not Approved Persons may access Restricted Areas only if they are escorted by an Approved Person at all times that they are in the Restricted Areas. Contractor may not rely upon an employee of the Court to escort or monitor these persons. Contractor must take all reasonable steps to ensure that its operations in any Restricted Area are at all times consistent with this section (“Access to Restricted Areas”).
Access to Facility. Operator shall permit agents, representatives ------------------ and employees of Lender to inspect the Facility or any part thereof at such reasonable times as may be requested by Lender upon two (2) Business Days prior written notice and subject to the rights of tenants under Leases (as defined in the Leasehold Mortgage); provided, such written notice shall not be required upon the occurrence and continuation of a Default or Event of Default.