Authorized Personnel definition

Authorized Personnel means the employees of the Licensee and personnel from third parties who work on behalf of the Licensee under a contract (which shall include confidentiality clause) entered into and between the Licensee and the third party.
Authorized Personnel means any person who is a part of the pharmacy staff who participates in the operational processes of the pharmacy and contributes to the natural flow of pharmaceutical care.
Authorized Personnel means department personnel, an individual designated by analyzer manufacturer, station owner, licensed emissions inspector, station manager or other person as designated by the station manager.

Examples of Authorized Personnel in a sentence

  • Upon entering and leaving any County premises, Contractor’s service representative may be required to sign in and out at receptionist desk or with the Authorized personnel.

  • Authorized personnel of the NPC shall conduct a focused inspection on the relevant issues within the premises of a PIC or PIP that may include presentation of documents or records, visits to selected departments or units wherein processing of personal information are undertaken, taking of photos and videos for monitoring purposes, and interviews of relevant personnel tasked to handle personal information processed by the PIC or PIP subject to the Compliance Check.

  • Authorized personnel with a specific educational purpose are exempt, but only to the specific limits outlined in their authorization.

  • Contractor’s service representative shall log all service work and upon completion of all the work that was performed, Contractor’s service representative must certify that the work was completed by obtaining the signature of the Authorized personnel.

More Definitions of Authorized Personnel

Authorized Personnel means employees of a state agency or municipality and any person granted authorization pursuant to subsection (d)(2), who are authorized to enter a state or municipal building through a restricted access entrance.
Authorized Personnel means an agent of state government who is properly trained in DNA sample collection pursuant to administrative regulation.
Authorized Personnel means employees of CLIENT that use the Software in the scope of their employment, or CLIENT’s contractors where the contractor’s services must necessarily require access to the Software. Personnel who intend to: reverse engineer, disclose, or use or acquire for any purpose not in the scope of the personnel’s employment or necessary for contractor services, any Confidential Information are not Authorized Personnel.
Authorized Personnel means any person, department, or agency given the right to function by the Wayne County Board of Supervisors.
Authorized Personnel means, collectively, Administrators and any additional personnel Administrators have designated as non‐ Administrators to access and use the Services, subject to the limitations set forth in the Agreement.
Authorized Personnel means an employee of a county auditor's office, a county recording office, the Washington state department of health, or the office of the secretary of state who has been designated by the chief exec- utive officer of the respective agency, to process and have access to voter application, voting records, marriage applica- tions and records pertaining to program participants.
Authorized Personnel means the designated individuals of a general registrar's office or the Department of Elections who are permitted to access the voter registration database and capture information necessary to generate photo identification cards.