Ella Benita Adv. Uses in Employee Benefits Clause

Employee Benefits

As per our discussions, your employment with Arotech Corporation ("Arotech") and Epsilor-Electric Fuel, Ltd. ("Epsilor") (collectively, the "Company") will terminate by reason of your resignation effective as of the close of business on December 31, 2016. To ensure that all of the information related to your separation is clear, this letter summarizes some information related to your separation.

Employee Benefits. Your active participation in any Company benefit plans or programs in which you participated, if any, will also end on the Separation Date. You will receive benefits continuation and other notices in separate letters. Within 15 days from the Separation Date, you will receive letters of release with respect to the amounts accrued under your Managers' Insurance Policy and/or your Pension Fund (severance pay and pension). As far as required, the Company shall sign, at your request, the documents necessary for ensuring your ownership of the Study Fund (Keren Hishtalmut). You also may continue to keep your restricted stock in the Section 102 stock trust maintained by Ella Benita Adv. (or successor trustee) free of charge for so long as the Company maintains it, but the Company shall have no obligation to continue to maintain it.