Other Subsidiary definition

Other Subsidiary means any Person of which an aggregate of 50% or more of the issued and outstanding voting stock, or 50% or more of the equity interests, at the time at which any determination is being made, is owned of record or beneficially, directly or indirectly, by any Company.
Other Subsidiary means any subsidiary of Borrower whose stock is now or hereafter pledged to Lender in a manner satisfactory to Lender (unless such pledge is waived in writing by Lender) and whose financial statements are consolidated with Borrower's financial statements under generally accepted accounting principles.
Other Subsidiary means each Subsidiary of the Company other than the Significant Subsidiaries;

Examples of Other Subsidiary in a sentence

  • Class 10 consists of all Interests in the Other Subsidiary Debtors.

  • At all times prior to the Investment Grade Rating Date, but subject to the last sentence of Section 8.13(a), the Borrower shall ensure that at least ninety percent (90%) of the Unencumbered Asset Value is attributable to Eligible Unencumbered Properties owned or leased under a Ground Lease by Material Subsidiary Guarantors and/or Other Subsidiary Guarantors.

  • The relevant Other Core Subsidiary shall act through (i) any three (3) members of the Other Subsidiary Board of Directors, acting jointly, or (ii) the Chairman of the Other Subsidiary Board of Directors and any other member of the Other Subsidiary Board of Directors, acting jointly.

  • Other Subsidiary Ledgers [shall] must be kept for accounts that are not maintained elsewhere, including subsidiary ledgers for Loans and Notes Payable and Loans and Notes Receivable (which [shall] must include details of each loan and note including the date of the payment, the identity of the debtor or creditor, the form of the payment, and the check number, if applicable).

  • The solar X-ray photometer (SXP) meas- ures the solar irradiance at wavelengths from 2 to 31 nm.

More Definitions of Other Subsidiary

Other Subsidiary means a subsidiary of BioTime other than AgeX and other than a subsidiary of AgeX.
Other Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of the Company, other than any New LLC Entity that would qualify as a Subsidiary of the Company.
Other Subsidiary means any Subsidiary that is not a Significant Subsidiary. Except as set forth in Section 3.1 of the Company Disclosure Schedule, the Company does not have any non-corporate subsidiaries.
Other Subsidiary means any Seller Entity other than Seller, Seller Debtor Entities or one of the Acquired Subsidiaries.
Other Subsidiary has the meaning specified in Section 3.1.
Other Subsidiary means each Subsidiary of Borrower which is not a ---------------- Material Subsidiary.
Other Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of Parent except the Company. PARENT means OmniLynx Communications Corporation, a Delaware corporation.