Construction Requirements definition

Construction Requirements means Construction Requirements as set out in Schedule 3.
Construction Requirements means all applicable Laws, Landlord’s construction requirements, a copy of which are attached hereto as Exhibit C and incorporated herein, the Design Guidelines, the Final Plans approved by the University and/or the BOT for the Improvements, and the requirements of this Lease applicable to the construction of the Improvements.

Examples of Construction Requirements in a sentence

  • JVA will sub-consult with Ground Engineering for the geotechnical and materials testing during construction in accordance with the Town’s Standard Design Criteria and Standard Construction Requirements.

  • Preconstruction Meeting: After award of Contract and prior to commencement of Work, schedule and conduct meeting with COR/Resident Engineer and Architect to discuss the Project Sustainable Action Plan content as it applies to submittals, project delivery, required Construction Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management Plan, and other Sustainable Construction Requirements.

  • Construction Job Conferences: Status of compliance with Sustainable Construction Requirements of these specifications will be an agenda item at regular job meetings conducted during the course of work at the site.

  • Construction Requirements Construction contractors shall comply with the HireNYC requirements set forth above for all non-trades jobs (e.g., for an administrative position arising out of the work of the contract and located in New York City) as set forth above.In addition, construction contractors shall reasonably cooperate with SBS and the City on specific outreach events, including Hire on the Spot events, for the hiring of trades workers for the work of this contract.

  • The Construction Requirements for the Existing Project Facilities as defined in the Concession Agreement have been specified in this schedule.

More Definitions of Construction Requirements

Construction Requirements means the requirements as to construction of the Waste Storage Depots, Facility Site and Workshop Site as set out in Schedule B.
Construction Requirements means the standards, specifications, procedures and other requirements for design and construction set out or identified or referred to in Part 2 of Schedule 4 [Construction Requirements], as amended or supplemented from time to time by any DBFO Co's Change, Alternative Proposal or Department's Change.
Construction Requirements means those build-out requirements imposed from time to time by the FCC to avoid a forfeiture of the license.
Construction Requirements means the requirements as to construction / renovation/ up-gradation of the Project Facilities as set out in Schedule F.
Construction Requirements means those certain construction requirements and terms attached to each New Housing Lease as Exhibit C.