Rental Equipment definition

Rental Equipment means tangible personal property sold, rented, leased, or licensed to customers to the extent that the item is actually used by the customer for rental, lease, or license to others; provided that:
Rental Equipment means the equipment identified on the Service Agreement and Order Schedule or otherwise notified to you in writing that we will rent to you as part of our provision of the Services and which you will return to us after expiry or termination of the Agreement, subject to the provisions of this Agreement.
Rental Equipment means tangible personal property which is offered for sale or rent (or offered for sale as used equipment) by an Obligor in the ordinary course of its business or used in the business of the Obligors and their Subsidiaries and included in fixed assets in the consolidated accounts of Holdings, including Inventory that Holdings currently describes as “rental equipment” in such consolidated accounts, but excluding any Merchandise and Consumables Inventory.

Examples of Rental Equipment in a sentence

  • Without limiting its other obligations under the Contract, the Contractor must ensure that the Company at all times has access to and copies of Data generated during the performance of the Work or utilising any deliverable, Goods, Rental Equipment or other item supplied in connection with the performance of the Work (in the form requested by the Company).

  • If upon termination of this Agreement, Rentokil is unable for any reason to recover the Rental Equipment (other than where solely due to the default of Rentokil or its employees) the Customer will be liable for the Replacement Value of the Rental Equipment which has not been recovered, such charges being payable immediately upon invoice from Rentokil.

  • Rentokil will exercise all reasonable care in removing the Rental Equipment from the Customer's premises but will not be responsible for restoring that part of the premises (including any services such as electrical supply) where the Rental Equipment was installed to its original state.

  • Items which replace Rental Equipment shall, upon replacement, be subject to these terms and conditions.

  • Receipt/inspection of Rental Equipment Customer hires the Rental Equipment on an "as is" basis.

More Definitions of Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment means any IDS tool(s), equipment, machinery or other device(s) leased or rented to Customer and includes any training provided by IDS with respect to the installation, use and/or operation thereof, as specified in an Order(s).
Rental Equipment means all movable medical equipment owned by Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries generally consisting of, but not limited to, critical care equipment, monitoring equipment, newborn care equipment and respiratory therapy equipment.
Rental Equipment means any goods and/or equipment to be supplied by the Supplier to CI on a rental basis;
Rental Equipment means all Units which are sold or leased, or held for sale or lease, by any Assignor to one or more third persons.
Rental Equipment all revenue earning equipment, excluding all Rental Car Revenue Earning Vehicles, owned by or leased to the Parent Borrower or a Subsidiary of a Parent Borrower that are classified as “revenue earning equipment” in the consolidated financial statements of the Parent Borrower.