Building Equipment definition

Building Equipment means all machinery, systems, apparatus, facilities, equipment and fixtures of every kind whatsoever now or hereafter belonging, attached to and used exclusively (whether or not same constitute fixtures), or procured for exclusive use, in connection with the operation or maintenance of the Building and/or Property, including water, sewer and gas connections, all heating, electrical, lighting, and power equipment, engines, furnaces, boilers, pumps, tanks, dynamos, motors, generators, conduits, plumbing, cleaning, fire prevention, refrigeration, ventilating, air cooling, air conditioning equipment and apparatus, cranes, elevators, escalators, ducts and compressors and any and all replacements thereof and additions thereto; but excluding, however, (i) Lessee's Property, (ii) property of any sublessee which sublessee may be authorized to remove from the Building upon and subject to the terms and conditions of its sublease and this Lease, (iii) property of contractors servicing the Building, and (v) improvements for water, gas, and electricity and other similar equipment or improvements owned by any public utility company or any governmental agency or body.
Building Equipment shall have the meaning set forth in the Security Instrument.

Examples of Building Equipment in a sentence

  • Noise from Construction Equipment and Operations, Building Equipment and Home Appliances.

  • At the Commencement Date, Lessor owns the following real property (collectively, the “Premises”): (a) the land described in Exhibit A attached hereto (the “Land”); (b) the Improvements existing thereon as of the Commencement Date; (c) the appurtenances and all the estate and rights of Lessor in and to the Land; and (d) all Building Equipment attached or appurtenant to any of the foregoing existing as of the Commencement Date.

More Definitions of Building Equipment

Building Equipment shall have the meaning set forth in the Security Instruments, collectively.
Building Equipment shall have the meaning set forth in the Loan Agreement (Mortgage).
Building Equipment is defined in the Recitals to this Lease.
Building Equipment means all machinery, apparatus, equipment, personal property and fixtures of every kind and nature whatsoever now or hereafter located in, on or about the Premises, or attached to or used or usable in connection with the operation or maintenance of the Premises, or any part thereof, and now owned or hereafter acquired.
Building Equipment means all machinery, boiler, plumbing, wiring, heating, air-conditioning and lighting and other equipment which is an integral part of the Building, if any, other than Tenant's Equipment;
Building Equipment means all of the Building Equipment described herein including any part thereof. (f) “Person” means an individual, corporation, partnership, trust, unincorporated organization or government, or any agency or political subdivision thereof, or any other legal entity. (g) “Premises” means all of the Premises described herein including any part thereof. (h) “Property” means all of the Property described herein including any part thereof.
Building Equipment means all equipment, including without limitation, machinery, apparatus, fittings, plumbing equipment and fixtures, heating and air conditioning equipment and fixtures, lighting fixtures, now or hereafter attached to the Premises and the property of Tenant, but not including equipment used solely for construction of Building. “Commencement Date” shall be the date of execution of this Lease.