Shift Employees definition

Shift Employees are hired without a set work schedule and the days and times they work may change from week to week.
Shift Employees means an employee who is regularly engaged on alternate day and night shift work on a regular cycle basis;
Shift Employees. The three (3) days paid Christmas-New Year's Vacation Entitlement for shift employees (these days are eight (8) hour days) shall be taken annually in the subsequent calendar year at a time as mutually agreed between Employer and employee. (See also Article 12, Annual Christmas-New Years Break and Clause 11.2.2).

Examples of Shift Employees in a sentence

  • Shift Employees - An employee who would have worked on shift work had the employee not been on leave a loading of 17½%.

  • Shift Employees - An employee who would have worked on shift work had he not been on leave - a loading of 17 1/2 per cent.

  • Shift Employees: Any employees who would have worked on shift work had they not been on leave - a loading of 17½ per cent.

  • Shift Employees - an employee who would have worked on shift work had the employee not been on leave - a loading of 17.5 per cent.

  • The two additional holidays will be designated separately for Day Employees and Shift Employees.

More Definitions of Shift Employees

Shift Employees wherever used in this Agreement shall mean those employees engaged on operations which are or may be established by the Company on other than day schedules but not as continuous twenty-four hour operations.
Shift Employees shall be deemed to mean employees who are regularly employed for a specified shift in the unit, which, of necessity, operates continuously twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. All other employees shall be deemed to be "Day Employees." It is mutually understood and agreed that for the purposes herein, regular employees of the following units are "Shift Employees":
Shift Employees means an employee who works a regular roster that includes continuous early and late shift work.
Shift Employees shall observe all holidays on the day on which it falls and be paid for all said holidays on that observed day. If Christmas falls on a Saturday, the holiday will be observed on Friday and the day before Christmas will be observed on Thursday. If the day before Christmas falls on Sunday, it will be observed on the previous Friday. Employees covered by this Agreement who have completed one hundred twenty (120) calendar days of continuous active employment shall be paid at their regular straight time rate for the holidays enumerated above when not required to work on such holidays. Employees shall receive no holiday pay in accordance with this Article if:
Shift Employees are defined as those employees assigned to Shift #1, Shift #2, Shift #3 or Shift #4 schedules.
Shift Employees means employees in any factory to which this Schedule applies who normally are required to be at the disposal of their employer twenty-four hours a day;
Shift Employees are employees who are assigned to a job, which is scheduled on regularly rotating shifts.