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Public works and “Building Services” - Definitions
Public works means all fixed works constructed or
Public works means a Project consisting of the construction, repair, renovation, or maintenance of public buildings, structures, sewers, water works, roads, bridges, docks, underpasses and viaducts, as well as any other improvement to be constructed, repaired or renovated or maintained on public property to be paid, in whole or in part, with public funds or with financing to be retired with public funds in the form of lease payments or otherwise.

Examples of Public works in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxxx Xxxx., Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, 00000, Attention: Public Works Director or such subsequent address as Owner shall advise User in writing.

  • The Board of Supervisors may undertake or award other contracts for additional Work, and the Contractor shall fully cooperate with such other contractors and County employees and carefully fit his own Work to such additional Work as may be directed by OC Public Works.

  • Visitors for other purposes shall be referred to OC Public Works.

  • Failure of receipt of such notice from OC Public Works shall not relieve the Contractor of responsibility.

  • The Contractor shall report to OC Public Works, promptly and in reasonable detail, each notice or claim of patent infringement based on the performance of this Contract of which the Contractor has knowledge.

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Public works means the operation, erection, construction, alteration, improvement, maintenance, or
Public works means the Infrastructure Improvements, the acquisition by purchase or condemnation of real and personal property within the Tax Incremental District and the sale, lease, or other disposition of such property to private individuals, partnerships, corporations, or other entities at a price less than the cost of such acquisition which benefit or further the health, safety, welfare and economic development of the County and Project Costs.
Public works means building, altering, repairing, improving or demolishing any public structure or facility constructed or acquired by a contracting unit to house local government functions or provide water, waste disposal, power, transportation, and other public infrastructures.
Public works means all fixed works constructed for public use or
Public works means all fixed works constructed for public use or benefit or paid
Public works means all work, construction, high- way and ferry construction, alteration, repair, or improve- ment other than ordinary maintenance, which a state agency or educational institution is authorized or required by law to undertake.
Public works means building, altering, repairing,