Project Manual definition

Project Manual means a written volume assembled for the Trade Contractor Work by the Trade Contractor that includes specific instructions to the Project Team setting forth the requirements, policies and procedures for performance and execution of the Trade Contractor’s Design Services and Trade Contractor Work.

Examples of Project Manual in a sentence

  • This Addendum serves to clarify, revise, and supersede information in the Project Manual, Drawings, and previously issued Addenda.

  • For each product, list name, address, and telephone number of Installer or supplier and maintenance service agent, and cross- reference Specification Section number and title in Project Manual and drawing or schedule designation or identifier where applicable.

  • Organize warranty documents into an orderly sequence based on the table of contents of Project Manual.

  • Architectural Interior Works 2.0 COST ESTIMATE GUIDELINES 2.1 In the preparation of all detailed cost estimates, the Bidder shall be guided by the Cost Estimate Form (Section 00470) in Project Manual Volume 1 Philippine Bidding Documents.

  • SECTION 012100 ALLOWANCES SINGLE CONTRACT: Discard the Section bound in the Project Manual and substitute the attached Section (page 012100 – 1) noted “REVISED 8/30/17”.

More Definitions of Project Manual

Project Manual means the complete set of bidding documents issued by the City of Concord or its authorized representatives, to include the Invitation to Bid, Instructions to Bidders, Bid Forms, sample project forms, conditions and special provisions of the contract, addenda issued prior to the execution of the contract, and drawings.
Project Manual as used herein is the volume which include the bidding requirements, certain of the Contract Documents such as Conditions of the Contract and the Specifications.