Functional Specifications definition

Functional Specifications means the descriptions of features and functions of the Application as expressly set forth in Quote.
Functional Specifications means those specifications of the MRI Software’s functionality as set forth in the MRI Software LLC and Affiliated companies Functional Specifications, which may be found on, which specifications may be updated from time to time by MRI upon posting new specifications at such web page address.
Functional Specifications or “Specification” means the characteristics (adjusted to Site Reference Conditions) for the design, construction and operation of the Facility, as set forth in Schedule 1.

Examples of Functional Specifications in a sentence

  • Further the vendor must score a minimum of 80% compliance in Technical and Functional Specifications compliance separately.

  • The Bidder may propose codes and standards from other standard international organizations provided it demonstrates to the satisfaction of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) that these codes and standards meet or exceed the requirements of the designated codes and standards in the Plant Functional Specifications.

  • In Phase 1, Contractor will develop Functional Specifications; in Phase 2, Contractor will create the Design Specifications; in Phase 3, Contractor will code the Programs, install the completed System at City’s site, and deliver the Documentation for the System.

  • In the event of a variance between the Functional Specifications and the Design Specifications, the Design Specifications shall be determinative.

  • The Contractor shall confine its equipment, the storage of materials, and the operation of its workers to limits shown on the Functional Specifications and/or Drawing, and shall not unreasonably encumber the premises with its materials.

More Definitions of Functional Specifications

Functional Specifications means the written description of City’s requirements, operations, and procedures, which document is to be prepared by Contractor, and upon approval by City, shall form the basis for the Design Specifications as defined herein.
Functional Specifications means the specifications set forth in Appendix D, subject to Section 6.7.
Functional Specifications means the technical requirements and parameters described in Schedule 4 of this Agreement and as provided in Grid Code relating to the operation, maintenance and dispatch of any Unit and the Power Station;
Functional Specifications means the written description of City’s requirements prepared by the City and attached hereto as both the Performance Specifications and the Functional Specifications for this Agreement. Such description shall form the basis for the Design Specifications as defined herein.
Functional Specifications shall have the meaning set forth in Article IX, Section 1.e. hereof.
Functional Specifications. - means the functional specifications prepared by or provided to the Corporation for use in the design of Programs written or to be written for a client and includes menu and screen designs, hardware system analysis, flowcharts, algorithms, database design, specifications, manuals, printouts, notes, annotations, lay-outs, cards, card decks, charts and other like material and documentations, together with all included information, and know-how (technical or otherwise);