Inpatient services definition

Inpatient services means services provided to you as an admitted inpatient in a recognised private or public hospital for treatment that is in an included clinical category, has a Medicare item number allocated and a Medicare benefit is payable.
Inpatient services means those services rendered in an approved facility to a patient who has been admitted for an overnight stay and is charged for room and board.
Inpatient services means services rendered to a person who is admitted as an inpatient to a hospital. “Medical record” means a record in which the medical service provider records the subjective findings, objective findings, diagnosis, treatment rendered, treatment plan, and return to work status and/or goalsand impairment rating as applicable.

Examples of Inpatient services in a sentence

  • Inpatient services are well developed in some institutions, particularly since implementation of the Act, but community resources and Hospice structure seen as inadequate for specialist symptom control.

  • A deductible does not apply.Out-of-Network Benefits are not available for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Manipulative Treatments.50% co-insurance, after the medical deductible has been met for all other therapies.Prior Authorization is required for certain Inpatient services.

More Definitions of Inpatient services

Inpatient services means medical services, nursing services, or other health-related services provided to an inpatient in a health care facility.
Inpatient services means services rendered to a person who is admitted as an inpatient to a hospital.
Inpatient services means those services to patients/families who require either 24 hour supervision in a health care facility; i.e., acute care hospital, skilled or intermediate care facility or services which necessitate the admission of the patient for treatment in the health care facility.
Inpatient services means hospice services provided to patients who require twenty-four (24) hour supervision by a licensed health care provider; and
Inpatient services means medical or dental care administered to a person who has been admitted to a hospital.
Inpatient services means 24-hour care and treatment services provided by a state facility or a licensed hospital.