Inpatient services definition

Inpatient services means those services rendered in an approved facility to a patient who has been admitted for an overnight stay and is charged for room and board.
Inpatient services means medical services, nursing services, or other health-related services provided to an inpatient in a health care facility.
Inpatient services means services rendered to a person who is admitted as an inpatient to a hospital. “Medical record” means a record in which the medical service provider records the subjective findings, objective findings, diagnosis, treatment rendered, treatment plan, and return to work status and/or goalsand impairment rating as applicable.

Examples of Inpatient services in a sentence

  • The attached Option Review Report outlines the current issues facing provision of Mental Health Inpatient services for both General Adult Psychiatry and Learning Disability services and examines in detail four potential options that seek to ensure provision of safe, sustainable and person centred services for the future which meet the needs of all our stakeholders across Tayside.

  • Inpatient services rendered to Blue Cross subscribers are paid at prospectively determined per diem rates.

  • Even in the cases of South Tyneside, Wansbeck and Princess Royal Hospital where Paediatric Inpatient services are not provided, 24/7 Obstetric Services still are.

  • As such, when Enrollees receive care from Providers outside the BlueCard service area, the Enrollees will typically have to pay the Providers and submit the claims themselves to obtain reimbursement for these services.Inpatient ServicesIn most cases, if Enrollees contact the BCBS Global Core e service center for assistance, hospitals will not require Enrollees to pay for covered Inpatient services, except for their Deductibles, Coinsurance, and/or Copayments, if applicable.

  • Inpatient services that remain should be better standardized across hospitals.• Overhaul services for NGRI acquittees: Compared to other states, Washington is clearly an outlier in terms of prioritizing far longer inpatient hospitalization and far less outpatient conditional release for NGRI acquittees.

More Definitions of Inpatient services

Inpatient services means 24-hour care and treatment services provided by a state facility or a licensed hospital.
Inpatient services means services provided to you as an admitted inpatient in a recognised private or public hospital for treatment that is in an included clinical category, has a Medicare item number allocated and a Medicare benefit is payable.
Inpatient services means those services to patients/families who require either 24 hour supervision in a health care facility; i.e., acute care hospital, skilled or intermediate care facility or services which necessitate the admission of the patient for treatment in the health care facility.
Inpatient services means services rendered to a person who is admitted as an inpatient to a hospital.
Inpatient services means medical or dental care administered to a person who has been admitted to a hospital.
Inpatient services means hospice services provided to patients who require twenty-four (24) hour supervision by a licensed health care provider; and