Manufacturing Specifications definition

Manufacturing Specifications means specifications setting forth terms relating to the manufacture and assembly of PlayStation 2 Format Discs, Packaging, Printed Materials and each of their component parts, which shall be set forth in the SourceBook 2 or other documentation provided by SCEA or a Designated Manufacturing Facility to Publisher and which may be amended from time to time upon reasonable notice to Publisher.
Manufacturing Specifications means the specifications for manufacturing the Product. Prior to the initiation of the first cGMP manufacturing run an Appendix C-1 signed by both parties setting forth the initial Manufacturing Specifications shall be appended to this Agreement and shall contain at a minimum a collection of documents containing certain specifications, procedures, assay methods (QC Release Tests), personnel contacts and any other information as may be needed and agreed by the parties relating to the manufacture of Product by ICOS for SGI. This Appendix C-1 shall also contain a statement to be agreed and acknowledged by ICOS and SGI that SGI adopts the initial Manufacturing Specifications as its own specification in conformance with Clause 6.7 herein. Any changes or additions to the Manufacturing Specifications shall be made with the written approval of SGI.

Examples of Manufacturing Specifications in a sentence

  • SCEA shall have the right to disapprove any Printed Materials that do not comply with the Manufacturing Specifications.

  • Publisher shall comply with all Manufacturing Specifications with respect to the manufacture and payment for manufacturing costs of Third Party Demo Discs, and Publisher shall also comply with all terms and conditions of Section 6 hereto.

  • Publisher shall comply with all Manufacturing Specifications related to the particular terms set forth herein.

  • Manufacturing Specifications for Printed Materials shall be comparable to manufacturing specifications applied by SCEA to its own software products for the System.

  • Manufacturing Specifications for Packaging shall be comparable to manufacturing specifications applied by SCEA to its own software products for the System.

More Definitions of Manufacturing Specifications

Manufacturing Specifications shall have the meaning as defined in Section 3.1.
Manufacturing Specifications means Trimble's written specifications regarding the processes for the manufacture of the Products provided to Solectron, including, without limitation, the [*] and [*]. In cases where the specific processes are not covered by these specifications, industry standard specifications shall apply (e.g., IPC, ANSI/IPC).
Manufacturing Specifications means the written specifications for the Product, including but not limited to its testing and production, as agreed with the Client.
Manufacturing Specifications means the detailed drawings, schematics, test procedures, bills of materials, operation lists and other Documentation provided to the Licensee to enable the manufacture of the Licensed Hardware Products.
Manufacturing Specifications means the commercial specification for the manufacturing, quality control, packaging, labeling, shipping, delivery and storage of the Product and Samples to be agreed upon between the Parties but which at least satisfies specifications approved by FDA and TPDHC. “Non-Conformity/Non-Conforming” shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 7.1 hereof.
Manufacturing Specifications means the Breast Implant Manufacturing Specifications and the Tissue Expander Manufacturing Specifications.