Manufacturing Services definition

Examples of Manufacturing Services in a sentence

  • Company may, in writing, request a change to the Manufacturing Services, Packaging Specifications and Test Procedures at any time.

  • Supplier agrees to provide Manufacturing Services, and Company agrees to purchase Manufacturing Services for that quantity of Vehicles set forth in the Build Schedule.

  • Company will also provide to Supplier all Specifications, Test Procedures, Packaging Specifications, Vehicle design drawings, approved vendor listings, bill of materials, Component descriptions (including approved substitutions), and Manufacturing Process requirements of Company, if any, necessary for Supplier to perform the Manufacturing Services.

  • Company shall supply to Supplier, according to the terms and conditions specified herein, Company Proprietary Information and Technology and, if applicable, the Loaned Equipment necessary for Supplier to perform the Manufacturing Services.

  • Company Property may not be moved from the Manufacturing Plant or substituted with any other property without the written consent (which may be withheld) of Company, provided that if and to the extent that Company’s failure to consent to any transfer of or substitution of Company Property requested by Supplier and necessary for the performance of the Manufacturing Services materially interferes with Supplier’s ability to perform the Manufacturing Services, Supplier shall be relieved of such obligations.

More Definitions of Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services means the assembly, packaging, and kitting of the electronic components manufactured by Flextronics.
Manufacturing Services means the manufacturing, processing, formulating, sterilization, filling, packaging, labelling, storage, handling, and quality control testing of Materials or the Product as more particularly set out in Schedule 2.1(a) of the Manufacturing and Supply Agreement.
Manufacturing Services means the manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance, storage, labelling, packaging, assembly and related services, to be performed by Antares or its Subcontractor as contemplated in this Agreement and described in the Specifications and the Quality Agreement, required to manufacture Devices and produce and supply Trainers, Products and sample Products from such Devices, Prefilled Syringes and Components. For the avoidance of doubt, the “Manufacturing Services” specifically excludes the AMAG Quality Tasks and all other services, activities or tasks to be performed by or on behalf of AMAG set forth in this Agreement or as otherwise described in the Specifications or the Quality Agreement;
Manufacturing Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.2.
Manufacturing Services shall have the meaning prescribed in Section 5.1 of this Agreement.