Lessee's Improvements definition

Lessee's Improvements means all of those Improvements that are constructed by CE Construction and/or Lessee, and owned by Lessee, including, without limitation, the LNG Facility, as now existing or as hereafter constructed, installed, erected, or placed on the Demised Land or the Easements by CE Construction and/or Lessee pursuant to any right of Lessee hereunder to so construct, erect, install, or place any Improvement on the Demised Land or any Easement.
Lessee's Improvements means the Lessee's property situated in or on or about the Land, and includes all buildings, structures , any thing or item attached to buildings or structures and improvements and all equipment and plant owned or placed on the Land by the Lessee;
Lessee's Improvements means the additions, changes, modifications, work, and construction to the Premises and/or Property identified on Exhibit C which shall be at Lessee's cost and expense.

Examples of Lessee's Improvements in a sentence

  • The Lessee agrees to be responsible for the installation at the fixturing date at its sole risk, cost and expense of the Lessee's Improvements in accordance with the rules and regulations as set forth in Schedule "D" attached hereto.

  • Subject to Section 3, the Premises may be used by Lessee only to install, maintain, repair, replace, remove and operate Lessee's Improvements and Equipment on or in the Premises for the purposes of a telecommunications facility and uses incidental thereto in connection with the provision of wireless telecommunications services including, without limitation, cellular, PCS, wireless local loop, paging, and fiber optic and microwave transmission services.

  • In case of eviction of Lessee by anyone other than Lessor, or anyone owning or claiming title to or any interest in the Premises, Lessor shall not be liable to Lessee for damage of any kind (including any loss of ownership right to Lessee's Improvements) or to refund any rent paid hereunder, except to return the unearned portion of any rent paid in advance.

  • In the event Lessee elects not to rebuild or restore such Lessee's Improvements, Lessee shall have the option to terminate this Lease, which option may be exercised only by the delivery to Lessor, not later than [***] from the date such damage or destruction occurs, of a written notice of termination.

  • Except for the work to be performed by the Lessor pursuant to Section 8.11 and Lessor's obligation to maintain the Access Road as set forth in Section 2.2(d), and as provided in Exhibit "B", Lessor shall not be obligated to make or bear the cost of any repairs, replacements, rebuilding, or renewals of any kind, nature, or description whatsoever related to the Premises or any portion thereof or Lessee's Improvements.

More Definitions of Lessee's Improvements

Lessee's Improvements means all improvements on the Land of any kind whatsoever including buildings, sealed yards, paths, lawns, gardens, fences, playing fields, subsoil works and other like property of any kind whatsoever constructed or placed on the Land by the Lessee or any agent or sublessee or licensee of the Lessee prior to or after the commencement of this Lease including those listed in Item 10 of Schedule A.
Lessee's Improvements. The "Lessee Interior Improvements" shall be defined as all items not part of the Building Shell (the "Xxx lding Shell" is defined on attached Exhibit B, which shall be constructed by Lessor at its sole expense) and shall be constructed by independent contractors to be employed by and under the supervision of Lessor, in accordance with this Lease and the plans and specifications prepared by Lessor for submission to the City of San Xxxx ("Lessee Improvement Plans"), complete with all mechanical and electrical design, approved in writing by Lessee, and then to be attached hereto as Exhibit C. 1. Lessee and its designated representatives, shall at all times during the construction of the Lessee Interior Improvements have access to Building 4 to monitor the progress of construction and Lessor's compliance with its obligation hereunder; provided however, that such access shall not unreasonably interfere with the activities of Lessor or its contractors.
Lessee's Improvements means the Lessee’s property situated in, or on the Premises and includes all buildings, structures and improvements and all equipment and plant owned or placed on the Premises by the Lessee, including those buildings, improvements and structures as shown on the plan attached to this lease;
Lessee's Improvements means all those Improvements existing upon the Premises as of the Effective Date together with all Improvements constructed or installed in, at or on the Premises by or for the benefit of LESSEE;
Lessee's Improvements means all improvements on or to the Land of any kind whatsoever including (but not limited to):
Lessee's Improvements means any improvements placed or constructed on the Lease Area, but not including the Main Building;
Lessee's Improvements. Lessee has advised Lessor that it intends to complete certain improvements to the Premises which shall be completed at the sole cost and expense of Lessee. Lessor and Lessee hereby agree that the following terms and conditions represent the parties mutual understanding and agreement with respect to Lessee's improvements to the Premises.