Base Building Work definition

Base Building Work means the base building work for the Building as described in this Manual.
Base Building Work. As set forth in Exhibit C attached hereto. Exhibits: Schedule 1: Index of Defined Terms Exhibit A (Art 1): Plan showing Development and the Building/Unit Exhibit A-1 (Art. 1): Legal Description of the Land Exhibit A-2 (Sec. 2.02(c)): Plan Showing Location of Dedicated Parking Spaces/Plan Showing No Parking Areas Exhibit B (Art. 1): Floor Plan showing the Premises Exhibit C (Sec. 3.01): Work Letter Exhibit C-1 (Sec. 2.01(e)): List of Base Building Plans and Specifications Exhibit C-2: Tenant’s Test-Fit Plan Exhibit C-3: Lab Shell Specifications Tenant/ Landlord Matrix of Responsibility Exhibit C-4: Landlord’s Current Construction Schedule Exhibit D (Sec. 2.01(e)): Title Matters Exhibit E (Sec. 6.02): Cleaning Specification for Common Areas and Landlord Services Exhibit F (Sec. 6.02): Shuttle Service Exhibit G: Reserved Exhibit H (Sec. 9.07): Landlord’s Rules and Regulations Exhibit I (Sec. 9.10): LEED Requirements Exhibit J (Sec. 10.05(b)): Construction Documents Requirements Exhibit K (Sec. 10.05(c)): Tenant Work Insurance Schedule Exhibit L (Sec. 10.05(c)): Landlord’s Guidelines for Tenant Work Exhibit M (Sec. 15.02): Form of SNDA Exhibit N (Sec. 15.04): Form of Estoppel Certificate Exhibit O (Sec. 16.06): Form of Notice of Lease
Base Building Work means all labor, materials and other work necessary to design, permit and perform the alterations and improvements to Building B described on Exhibit B attached hereto. Landlord, at its sole cost and expense and without inclusion in Operating Expenses Allocable to the Premises, shall promptly and with all due diligence perform the 2010 Base Building Work in a good and workmanlike manner, and in connection therewith, Landlord shall obtain all necessary governmental permits and approvals necessary for the construction of the 2010 Base Building Work.

Examples of Base Building Work in a sentence

  • Any changes in Tenant’s Plans which are made in response to requirements of the applicable governmental authorities and/or changes which affect the Base Building Work shall be immediately submitted to Landlord for Landlord’s review and approval.

  • The commissioning, testing or inspection of Base Building Work services may occur during times when the Tenant’s Contractors are performing Tenant’s Work in which case the interconnection and interfacing work will not be permitted to proceed in a way that interrupts or impedes completion of testing, commissioning or inspections of the Base Building Work services.

  • It is understood and agreed that Landlord shall be responsible for bringing each Utility Service described in the Base Building Work to a common switching point(s) at the Building as shown on the Base Building Work Plans (as defined in the Work Letter)(collectively, the “Utility Switching Points”).

  • Drawings are to show all alterations and/or additions to the existing Base Building Work, as well as base building conditions, which remain unchanged.

  • Landlord shall construct the Base Building Work as further set forth on Exhibit 10.03, attached.

More Definitions of Base Building Work

Base Building Work means the improvement work described in Attachment 1 to this Exhibit D. Attachment 1 is comprised of Attachment 1A (Base Building Work Description) and Attachment 1B (Construction Responsibility Matrix), and references to Attachment 1 shall be deemed to refer to both such components. The Base Building Work consists of (a) the Shell Components, (b) the Core Components, and (c) the Common Area Improvements.
Base Building Work. As defined in Section 4.1.
Base Building Work means:
Base Building Work means all of that certain work to be performed by Borrower and/or its contractors constituting construction of the Improvements (including Landlord’s Work, but excluding Tenant Improvement Work and Tenant Improvement Allowances) as more particularly described in the Plans and Specifications.
Base Building Work means and refers to the following elements of the Premises: concrete floors (without floor covering); unfinished perimeter walls; unfinished ceilings (without acoustical ceilings, ceiling tiles, suspension system, insulation or light fixtures); closets for telephone and electrical systems (but not the systems themselves); building systems within the building core only as follows: mechanical (including heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems), electrical and plumbing systems; and primary fire sprinkler distribution loop connected to core (secondary branch distribution to the Premises to accommodate Tenant's specific tenant improvements shall not be considered base building work).
Base Building Work described on SCHEDULE 1 to this EXHIBIT C, if any, has been or will be performed by Landlord at Landlord's sole cost and expense.