building work definition

building work means all of the Parts to be provided and all of the work to be done by the Builder under and in connection with this Contract, as more particularly described in the Specification and the Plans, and includes all Parts to be provided and all work to be done by the Builder’s subcontractors;
building work means building work as defined in the General Administrative Regulations, published under Government Notice R.2206 of 5 October 1984;
building work means work the carrying out of which amounts to development or a change of use that amounts to development;

Examples of building work in a sentence

  • Building Work has the same meaning as in subsection 3(4) of the Building Code 2016.

  • Sub-subcontractor means a Building Contractor or Building Industry Participant who theSubcontractor/Supplier has entered, or proposes to enter, into a sub- subcontract with to undertake any of the Works.Works means the Commonwealth Funded Building Work that is the subject of this Expression of Interest.

  • Clause 1.0 - Definitions and interpretation The measuring system used for the preparation of the bills of quantities is the Standard System of Measuring Building Work (sixth edition, revised 1999) published by the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors [1.1] F:.............................

  • Building Code 2016 means the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016, which is available at Building Contractor has the same meaning as in the Act.

  • Only persons who are accredited under the Scheme are able to contract for Building Work being Indirectly Funded by the Australian Government.

More Definitions of building work

building work means work for or in connection with the construction, alteration, demolition or removal of a building or any fixtures or improvements and includes earthworks preparatory to or associated with that construction, alteration, demolition or removal and any work of a structural or retaining nature, and services associated with that work;
building work means the building services to be provided by the Builder (and/or the Builder’s subcontractors and suppliers) as described in the Contract Documents (subject to any Variations) and (if applicable) the relevant Building Consent.
building work means any works, alterations, additions to, or damage, removal, repairs or replacement of:
building work means work or activity in the nature of
building work is all work performed by the Employer where the Employer contracts directly with the building owner and/or agent. All employees performing Building Work shall receive the Building rate unless they are employed in a sole occupant building having less than 130,000 square feet that has been operated as a Route job prior to May 1, 1962. Employees in such “sole occupant” buildings will continue to receive the Route rate until the Route Work is awarded to a replacement contractor or the building ceases to be a “sole occupant” building.
building work means any physical activity involved in the erection of a building;