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Environmental Review means the Federal
Environmental Review means the consideration of environmental factors as required by SEPA. The "environmental review process" is the procedure used by agencies and others under SEPA for giving appropriate consideration to the environment in agency decisionmaking.
Environmental Review means the investigation and analysis of the Project’s impacts on the environment as may be required by CEQA and/or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), or of the Project’s impacts on any species of plant or animal listed as a species of concern, or a threatened or endangered species under California or federal laws or regulations.

Examples of Environmental Review in a sentence

  • You are hereby notified that this action by the Director is final and may be appealed to the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission pursuant to Chapter 3745.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.

  • Following final action by the director, any aggrieved party has the right to appeal to the Environmental Review Appeals Commission.Interested persons are invited to submit written comments upon the discharge permit.

  • In accordance with Section 100 of the Ontario Water Resources Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter 0.40, as amended, you may by written notice served upon me and the Environmental Review Tribunal within 15 days after receipt of this Notice, require a hearing by the Tribunal.

  • An appeal may be filed with the Environmental Review Appeals Commission at the following address: Environmental Review Appeals Commission 77 South High Street, 17th FloorColumbus, OH 43215 50 West Town Street • Suite 700 • P.O. Box 1049 • Columbus, OH 43216-1049 www.epa.ohio.gov • (614) 644-3020 • (614) 644-3184 (fax)How to save money, reduce pollution and reduce energy consumption The Ohio EPA is encouraging companies to investigate pollution prevention and energy conservation.

  • An appeal may be filed with the Environmental Review Appeals Commission at the following address: Environmental Review Appeals Commission 236 East Town Street, Room 300Columbus, Ohio 43215 Very truly yours,Thomas G.

More Definitions of Environmental Review

Environmental Review means an initial comprehensive analysis of environmental aspects, environmental impacts and environmental performance related to an organisation's activities, products and services;
Environmental Review means any environmental assessment, environmental impact statement, or other written analysis required under this part by a state agency of a proposed action to determine, examine, or document the effects and impacts of the proposed action on the quality of the human and physical environment as required under this part.
Environmental Review means an initial comprehensive analysis of the environmental issues, impact and performance related to activities of an organisation, (Annex VII);
Environmental Review and "Environmental Screening" have the meanings ascribed thereto in Schedule 6;
Environmental Review. The federally required review under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) and related applicable federal laws and authorities in accordance with 24 CFR 58.5 and 58.6.
Environmental Review. ’ means the Federal agency proce- dures for preparing an environmental impact statement, envi- ronmental assessment, categorical exclusion, or other document under NEPA;
Environmental Review means an analysis of environmental effects, pursuant to Section 67 of the Impact Assessment Act by which the Minister makes a determination on the likelihood of a Project to cause significant adverse environmental effects before allowing the project to proceed. This type of review is for projects defined by the Section 66 of the Impact Assessment Act, but not subject to a federal environmental assessment.