Database Management definition

Database Management means updating, maintaining and enlarging the database of the Client;
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Examples of Database Management in a sentence

Audit facilities shall also be provided securely registering all changes and updates to the voter list.2. Database Management - voter list records management and performance tuning.

The Conceptual Model is expected to be physically implemented for storing geo-spatial data sets in an OGC-compliant Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) or distribution in OGC’s Geography Mark up Language (GML) specification version 2.1.2 or higher (GML version 3.1’s Simple Feature Profile 1 or 2 will be preferred).

The EBX™ repository supports the Relational Database Management Systems listed below; with suitable JDBC drivers.

Such custom views may be accessed by SAP or non-SAP BI tools.NLS for BW includes a runtime license of (a) SAP IQ Enterprise Edition, (b) SAP IQ Enterprise Edition-Very Large Database Management Option and (c) SAP IQ Enterprise Edition-Unstructured Data Analytics Option, which may solely be used with SAP BW.

Be programmed to go into an alarm state when an emergency call box or duress alarm/panic device is activated, and notify the Physical Access Control System and Database Management of an alarm event.