Case management services definition

Case management services means planned referral, linkage, monitoring and support, and advocacy provided in partnership with a consumer to assist that consumer with self sufficiency and community tenure and take place in the individual’s home, in the community, or in the facility, in accordance with a service plan developed with and approved by the consumer and qualified staff.
Case management services means the following:
Case management services means services provided to ensure that CCO members obtain health services necessary to maintain physical, mental, and emotional development and oral health. Case management services include a comprehensive, ongoing assessment of medical, mental health, substance use disorder or dental needs plus the development and implementation of a plan to obtain or make referrals for needed medical, mental, chemical dependency, or dental services, referring members to community services and supports that may include referrals to Allied Agencies.

Examples of Case management services in a sentence

  • Case management services, including HCBS case management services: 1.

  • Case management services are defined as a service that assist a beneficiary to access needed medical, educational, social, prevocational, vocational, rehabilitative, or other community services.

  • Case management services shall be provided as set forth in rules 441—90.5(249A) and 441—90.8(249A).b.

  • Case management services designed to stabilize families in crisis such as transportation, assistance with housing and utility payments, and access to adequate health care.

  • Case management services are provided to enrolled clients for whom staff are assigned a continuing case management responsibility.

More Definitions of Case management services

Case management services means those services established pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 225C.
Case management services means services furnished to assist individuals, eligible under the State plan who re- side in a community setting or are transitioning to a community setting, in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services, in accordance with § 441.18 of this chap- ter.
Case management services means services that include, but are not limited to, application, assessment, eligibility determination, notices of action, consumer education and/or service planning.
Case management services means services provided by community-centered boards, as defined by section 25.5-10-202, and community mental health centers and community mental health clinics, as defined by section 27-66-101, to assist persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as defined by section 25.5-10-202, and persons with mental health disorders, as defined by section 27-65-102 (11.5), by case management agencies, as defined in section 25.5-6-303 (5), providing case management services, as defined in sections 25.5-6-104 (2)(b) and 25.5-6-303 (6), to persons with a disability, persons who are elderly or blind, and long-term care clients, in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services.
Case management services means a collaborative process that facilitates the achievement 20 of patient wellness and through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resources 21 management, and service facilitation. Based on the needs and the values of the patient, and in 22 collaboration with all direct service providers, the case manager links patient with appropriate providers 23 and resources throughout the continuum of HHS and care settings. Case Management Services shall not 24 be considered direct services.
Case management services means services provided by
Case management services means the rendering of case management or utilization review, performed by you for others.