Hardware Store definition

Hardware Store means a facility with a gross floor area under 30,000 square feet primarily engaged in the retail sale of hardware, including but not limited to tools, builder’s hardware, plumbing and electrical supplies, housewares and household appliances, and paint and glass.
Hardware Store means a facility of 30,000 or fewer square feet gross floor area, 810 primarily engaged in the retail sale of various basic hardware lines, such as tools, builders’ hardware, 811 plumbing and electrical supplies, paint and glass, housewares and household appliances, garden supplies, 812 and cutlery; if greater than 30,000 square feet, such a facility is a home improvement center.

Examples of Hardware Store in a sentence

  • In order to carry a line of profitable wind chimes, Scott's Hardware Store also has to carry a less profitable line of hose nozzles made by the same company.

  • Item 3: Enter one type from the following list which best describes the business: Insurance Bank Law Firm Physician/Dentist Construction Grocery Store Utility Accountant Clinicians Furniture Sales Hardware Store Designer/Artist Rental Property Clothing/Fabric Machinery/Equipment Architect Farmer Car Dealer Truck Hauler Pharmacy Other Item 4: Enter the business structure.

  • It is further relevant to note that the Assessee carried on business as a sole proprietor of a concern named M/s Machine Tools and Hardware Store.

  • The Elkhorn school district is the community's biggest draw, said Dennis Hawks, owner of the Elkhorn Ace Hardware Store.

  • The Beranek Hardware Store was hit hard by the Great Depression and his father left Mt. Vernon that summer.

  • Basic classifications describe the business of an employer, such as: Business ClassificationManufacture of a product Furniture Mfg.A process EngravingConstruction or erection CarpentryA general type or character of business Hardware Store A service Beauty Parlor Classifications are listed alphabetically in Part Two of this manual.

  • COMMENT Land use The proposed use is deemed to comply with the definition of Hardware Store as per Schedule 1 of DPS2 and set out below: Hardware Store: means a shop in which tools, building materials, paint, garden improvements products and plants are for sale.

  • Upon his father’s remarriage at the start of Leo’s sophomore year of high school (Fall 1928) the family moved to Mt. Vernon, Iowa where his father joined the Beranek Hardware Store in partnership with his cousin.

  • Among other things, the Beranek Hardware Store sold radios that required installation and ongoing service and repair.

  • Mixed Use Zone The Minister has directed that the text provisions relating to the Mixed Use Zone be modified by disallowing certain uses (Dry Cleaning Premises, Hardware Store, Hospital, Laundrette, Motel, Showroom and Take Away Food Outlet), and allowing the use of Convenience Store.

More Definitions of Hardware Store

Hardware Store means any place or premises used solely or mainly for the sale of furniture, hardware or ironmongeryeither by way of wholesale or retail trade;
Hardware Store means a facility selling tools, implements, and other items used in home life and activities such as gardening, home repair, plumbing, painting, auto repair, fasteners, building materials, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, hinges, chains, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, cleaning products, housewares, tools, utensils, paint, and lawn and garden products directly to consumers for use at home or for business, and may include specialty departments for hunting and fishing supplies, plants and nursery products, boating supplies, pet food and supplies, and farm and ranch supplies, including animal feed. Health & Fitness Club or Health & Fitness Center means a facility used for exercise, fitness, sports, and sports instruction including martial arts schools, yoga studios, and dance instruction studios as a business. Heavy Retail means commercial and/or service activities that have outdoor service, sales, storage, and related higher intensity use characteristics and operations. Examples include: Agriculture implement sales and service Air conditioning, heating, and plumbing sales Boat sales (recreation equipment) Construction equipment sales, rental, and service Farming equipment and machinery Furniture upholstery Trailer rental and salesHeight. See Sec. 26-10B-12. Heliport/Helistop means an area of land or water or a structural surface which is used for the landing and takeoff of helicopters, and any appurtenant areas which are used for fueling, maintenance, repairs, storage, buildings, and other heliport facilities. Hoodmold means a small roof or arched covering above a door or window. Home Business means a business, profession, occupation, or trade conducted for gain or support entirely within a residential building, or a structure accessory thereto, which is incidental and secondary to the use of such building for dwelling purposes and which does not change the essential residential character of such building. Home Furnishings, Appliances, and Electronics means a retail or service activity that is conducted indoors, where home furnishings, appliances, electronics, and home décor items are sold and where appliance repair and installation services uses may be conducted. Home Improvement Center means a store which sells hardware, lumber, building materials, interior decorations, and other items with the purpose of aiding the do-it-yourself handyman with home improvements or repair. This is intended to include specialty building material stores, ...
Hardware Store means a store where tools and other durable equipment is sold.
Hardware Store means a store where tools and other durable equipment is sold. "Hotel" means a premise providing temporary accommodation by way of furnished sleeping, housekeeping or dwelling units and includes a motel.

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