Customer Group definition

Customer Group means the Customer and where the Customer is a company, its holding company (if any) and their respective subsidiaries from time to time;
Customer Group means Customer and any of its Affiliates established and/or doing business in the EEA, or United Kingdom;
Customer Group. : means (i) Customer; (ii) Customer’s Affiliates; and

Examples of Customer Group in a sentence

Beginning as of the Commencement Date for each specific Customer Group in a specific Transaction, Seller shall provide Requirements to the Buyer.

Commencement Date means the period at HE 0100 EPT on the date set forth for each Customer Group in the Confirmation for the applicable Transaction.

Conclusion Date means the period at HE 2400 EPT on the date set forth for each Customer Group in the Confirmation for the applicable Transaction.

Commercial Customer Group means Narragansett’s customers in the General C&I Rate G-02, Small C&I Rate C-06, Decorative Street and Area Lighting Rate S-06, Limited Private Lighting Rate S-10, and General Streetlighting Rate S-14 retail rate classes, or such other rate classes as may be added from time to time.

Section 4.1 Provision Delivery and Receipt With respect to each Transaction, Seller shall provide and deliver to the Delivery Point and the Buyer shall receive at the Delivery Point the percent of the Requirements applicable to each Customer Group during the Delivery Term, all as set forth in the Confirmation related to such Transaction.

More Definitions of Customer Group

Customer Group means the following:
Customer Group. – shall mean (i) the Customer and its Af- filiates; (ii) the Customer`s other contractors (other than DNV GL), suppliers and subcontractors (of any tier) and their respective Affiliates; and (iii) the respective directors, officers, managers, agents, employees (including agency personnel) and representatives of the persons and entities mentioned under (i) and (ii) above as well as any other per- son or entity acting on its/their behalf;
Customer Group means, collectively, Customer, its parents and Affiliates, its Agents, and its and their respective managing members, general and limited partners, officers, directors, employees, and other representatives.
Customer Group means Customer and its Affiliates and their employees, officers, directors, invitees, clients, customers and their employees, partners, co-venturers, owners, agents and their employees, third parties, contractors and their employees, officers and directors, and subcontractors and their employees, officers and directors.
Customer Group means the Customer, its Affiliates, and its and their customers of any tier, Co-Venturers, partners, contractors and subcontractors of any tier (other than any member of the Pryme Group), and the officers, directors, shareholders, consultants, personnel (including agency personnel) and employees of all of the foregoing;
Customer Group means Customer, its joint venturers, partners, co-lessors, its and their contractors and subcontractors (other than Company), its and their affiliates and the officers, directors, employees, agents, consultants, servants and invitees of each of them.
Customer Group means the Customer, its subcontractors and suppliers of any tier, and its and their employees, directors, representatives, agents, servants and invitees and any person employed, hired or engaged by any of them.