Customer Service Agreement definition

Customer Service Agreement shall have the meaning as defined in the Master Agreement. “ Customer User” means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.
Customer Service Agreement shall have the meaning as defined in the Master Agreement.
Customer Service Agreement is defined in the Outsourcing Agreement.

Examples of Customer Service Agreement in a sentence

  • In the event Provider becomes aware that any Customer is violating its Customer Service Agreement in relation to the Software or any SAP Materials, Provider shall promptly notify SAP of such.

  • Provider shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that no Customer is violating the terms of its Customer Service Agreement, including without limitation ensuring that the use of the Software by its Customers has not exceeded the agreed Licensed Level.

  • If the Customer fails to comply with the terms of the Customer Service Agreement, the Water System shall, at its option, either terminate service or properly install, test, and maintain an appropriate backflow prevention device at the service connection.

  • The purpose of this Customer Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is to notify each customer of the plumbing restrictions that are in place to provide this protection.

  • The Customer Service Agreement shall be in a form approved by the PTA.

More Definitions of Customer Service Agreement

Customer Service Agreement means the agreement between a Customer and Creative Energy that sets out the terms and conditions on which Energy Services will be provided to a Building or Buildings in such form as approved by the BCUC from time to time (a current copy of the standard form of this agreement, as approved by the BCUC, is attached as Schedule A), as amended in accordance with its terms;
Customer Service Agreement means any agreement pursuant to which the Grantee provides Energy Services to the Building, as such agreement may be amended or restated from time to time.
Customer Service Agreement means the form overleaf, signed by the Customer requesting the Service and agreeing to and incorporating the Conditions;
Customer Service Agreement means an agreement or set of rules, principles, or condition which defines the level of Services that shall be provided by Service Provider to Customers as per its code of commercial practice;
Customer Service Agreement means the completed service agreement between Purchaser and DIS, which is required in order for a Purchaser to do business with DIS.
Customer Service Agreement means one or more written, binding agreements between Bank and a Customer pursuant to which Customer receives the PayMode Services.
Customer Service Agreement means the contract between the Supplier and the Company or End User for the provision of Services, the cost, duration and Service Level Agreement applicable to those Services, attached hereto as Schedule BEffective Date” means the date on which the Services commence and User Licences and Site Licences are chargeable pursuant to Clause 4 below and as shown in the Customer Service Agreement (CSA);