Classification definition

Classification means that each position in the classified service shall have a designated title, a regular minimum number of assigned hours per day, days per week, and months per year, a specific statement of the duties required to be performed by the employees in each such position, and the regular monthly salary ranges for each such position.
Classification means the identification of a position by reference to a classification title and pay range number.
Classification means, in relation to each Vessel, the highest class available for a vessel of her type with the relevant Classification Society;

Examples of Classification in a sentence

  • National Regulations UK - Take note of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002 and 2005 Amendment WGK Classification Water endangering class = 3 (self classification) Swiss RegulationsArticle 4 para.

  • Unskilled Classification: per hour for a probationary period of sixty (60) days.

  • International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health: ICF.

  • GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

  • As part of the RELISH Security Policy, Personal Data requires at least the same protection level as “confidential” information according to the RELISH Information Classification standard.

More Definitions of Classification

Classification means, in relation to each Ship, the highest class available for a vessel of her type with the relevant Classification Society or such other classification as the Agent shall, at the request of a Borrower, have agreed in writing shall be treated as the Classification in relation to such Borrower’s Ship for the purposes of the relevant Ship Security Documents;
Classification means a designation of license assigned to a licensee based on the qualifications of the licensee, resident manager, floating resident manager, and shift caregivers, as applicable.
Classification means a group of positions involving duties and responsibilities so similar that the same or like qualifications may reasonably be required for, and the same schedule or grade of pay can be reasonably applied to, all positions in the group.
Classification defined for the purposes of the collective agreement as those classifications listed in Appendix A (Wage Grid). Each regular employee will be assigned to a classification.
Classification means the classification of a Unit that can result or not in the issuance of a classification Certificate with reference to the Rules. Classification is an appraisement given by the Society to the Client, at a certain date, following surveys by its surveyors on the level of compliance of the Unit to the Society’s Rules or to the documents of reference for the Services provided. They cannot be construed as an implied or express warranty of safety, fitness for the purpose, seaworthiness of the Unit or of its value for sale, insurance or chartering.
Classification means the grouping of vehicles/machines by their engine capacity or by some other means of distinction.