Attrition definition

Attrition means the aggregate number of canceled smart home and security subscribers during a period divided by the monthly weighted average number of total smart home and security subscribers for such period. Subscribers are considered canceled when they terminate in accordance with the terms of their contract, are terminated by the Company, or if payment from such subscribers is deemed uncollectible (when at least four monthly billings become past due). Sales of contracts to third parties and certain moves are excluded from the attrition calculation.

Examples of Attrition in a sentence

  • A good plan is designed to address three types of potential problems: Attrition Noncompliance Inadequate progress.

  • Attrition rates in the survey are lowest (3% midline, 1% endline) for the job voucher treatments, since more recent contact information was available for them as a result of the process of monitoring their voucher usage and take-up, and highest for the control group (11% midline, 7% endline), since there was no contact with them outside of the surveys.

  • Attrition Rates: To encourage better advising and support services so that fewer new students drop out2.

  • Attrition may be influenced by the factor of “low-literacy” as defined by NIFL and by the Computer-adaptive Placement, Assessment, and Support System (COMPASS) literacy proficiency exam that the college administers (ACT, 2012).

  • What are the potential triggers if the divergence between groups exists?Note that Chapter 4 Attrition effects on ba as a function of DOM in Mandarin has been submitted to the Journal of Language Acquisition, Chapter 3 The optional usage of ba- construction vs.

More Definitions of Attrition

Attrition means that as people leave their jobs because they retire, resign, transfer, die or are promoted then they may not be replaced. In addition or alternatively, there may be a partial or complete freeze on recruiting new employees or on promotions.
Attrition means the wearing away of tooth structure as a result of excessive clenching and grinding.
Attrition means customers whose contracts were terminated early or cancelled by Just Energy due to delinquent accounts.
Attrition means: (a) with respect to an Independent Financial Advisor, that such Independent Financial Advisor’s securities registration with the applicable Cetera Entity retail broker-dealer has been terminated, and (b) with respect to a Financial Institution Client, that the client accounts associated with bank networking agreements with Cetera Investment Services, LLC have been bulk transferred from Cetera Investment Services, LLC to a third party broker-dealer. “Attrited” shall have a corresponding meaning.
Attrition means customers whose contracts were terminated prior to the end of the term either at the option of the customer or by Just Energy. “customer” does not refer to an individual customer but instead to an RCE (see key term below).
Attrition means the documented material lost to production fallout and test failures.