Classification Society Sample Clauses

Classification Society. Each LNG Vessel shall at all times be maintained in class with any of the following: American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register for Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Xxxxx, NKK, Det Norske Veritas or any other classification society that is mutually agreeable to the Parties.
Classification Society undertaking If so requested by the Agent, on or before the relevant Delivery Date, or immediately on any change of Classification Society for either Vessel, irrevocably instruct (in such form as the Agent and the Majority Lenders may require in their sole discretion) the Classification Society of each Vessel to do all or any of the following during the Facility Period (and use reasonable endeavours to procure that the Classification Society undertakes with the Agent at such time):
Classification Society. A certificate from the Classification Society certifying that the scheduled construction milestones under the Shipbuilding Contract have been completed and that the instalment to be financed by the proposed Loan is due to the Builder.
Classification Society without prejudice to the obligations of the Borrower under clause 8.1.7 and clause 5.1.6 of the Mortgage, irrevocably authorise and instruct the Classification Society to provide the Bank from time to time, at the Borrower's cost, with any information whatsoever which the Bank may require relating to the classification of the Vessel with the Classification Society; and
Classification Society. Following a written request by the Agent, the relevant Borrower shall instruct the relevant Classification Society to (and shall procure that such Classification Society shall undertake to the Security Agent to):
Classification Society undertaking Each Borrower shall, in respect of the Ship owned by it, instruct the Approved Classification Society:
Classification Society. The decision of the CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY as to whether the VESSEL complies with the rules and regulations of the CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY and any technical dispute arising under this CONTRACT shall be final and binding upon the BUILDER and the BUYER, provided that in the event of a dispute the BUYER shall be entitled to have any particular decision referred to the head office of the CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY.

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