Classification plan definition

Classification plan means the orderly arrangement of positions within an agency into separate and distinct job families so that each job family will contain those positions which involve similar or comparable skills, duties and responsibilities [74:840 1.3].
Classification plan means the published list of job classifications and the related elements assigned to each. The classification plan is published annually by the department and revised as necessary.
Classification plan means the designation of a title for each class together with the specification for each class as prepared and maintained by the District.

Examples of Classification plan in a sentence

  • CLASSIFICATION PLAN CLASS Range Schedule CLASS Range Schedule Secretarial/Clerical Maintenance and Operations Administrative Assistant 34 1 Day Custodian 27 1 *Administrative Assistant Special Svcs.

More Definitions of Classification plan

Classification plan means a listing of all the classes that have been established, the class specifications, and the grade to which each is assigned. (NAC 284.042)
Classification plan means the arrangement of positions into classifications together with specifications describing each classification.
Classification plan means the plan or system that groups
Classification plan means all the classes of positions established for the classified service.
Classification plan means the designation by resolution of the City Council of a title for each classification together with the specifications for each classification as prepared and maintained by the Office of Human Resources.
Classification plan means the listing of all the classes that have been established, the description for those classes, and the process and procedures developed to maintain the plan.